Freedom is not what women want

Frustrated men think they have something to offer because they give women freedom. They think by letting women make the decisions, they would be appreciative and reciprocate. And when that does not happen, frustrated men become angry.

Woman don't need a man to give her freedom. She already has freedom. 

Women want stimulus. Women want a man that has an idea as to where to take them, how to interact and how to stimulate her emotions.

That is, don't ask her what she likes. Don't ask her what she likes to do for fun. Instead, offer something to do. Offer fun things to do. Offer stimulating things to do.

To do that, a man must be able to go out there and experiment with new activities. See what's fun and see what works. Then, he has the experience and knowledge to offer these activities to others.

That is, take initiative, go alone and experiment. Once you gain the experience and consider the activity stimulating, bring a partner.

Inner Beauty

Everyone has flaws. Whatever situation you are in, whether you are short, fat, ugly, skinny, big nose, missing a limb, there is someone out there worse off than you. More importantly, they may also be happier than you.

If you accept the cards you are dealt with and still aim to enjoy life, in spite of your flaws, you can thrive.

Why? Because there is a level of attractiveness, of true confidence, to those who has big flaws and still able to enjoy life to its fullest. We respect, admire and even cheer on those who have lost so much, yet continue to live a happy life. We learn and appreciate our own lives when we see others had been dealt a worse deck of cards in life and able to live a happier existence.

Yes, there will be lots who will reject you because of your flaws. But there will also be those who admire and are attracted to you because you are able to enjoy life in spite of your flaws. 

Me, I am shorter than 5'4. I get plenty of rejections and I can always blame my height as the cause. But, there will also be those who admire and even attracted to my enthusiasm in spite of my flaws.

In the past, I use to downplay my flaw as being unimportant or irrelevant. But I was just in denial leading me to become egotistical and arrogant and unconsciously looking for flaws in others so I can feel better about myself. The truth is, height is a very important factor. And that's okay. I am who I am.

It is not about being egotistical or arrogant. It is about being confident in that my flaws is my character, my personality because perfection is boring, in itself, a flaw.

The purpose is NOT to get her to like you

She can like puppies, babies and her friends, but that does not mean she will sleep with them. She can feel sorry for her friend especially for the guy who cannot find a gf, but she will not be his gf or certainly not get intimate with him. She is already turned off by him. It would be embarrassing to be with someone who cannot find a gf.

She will like you if you treat her well, buy her drinks, take good care of her and suffer for her happiness, but once again, that does not mean she will get intimate with you.

The bottom line is, the only way she will get intimate with you, is if you can turn her on. And I have already explained this in my previous articles.

This is why people have the misconception that female like jerks. This is not really true. Whether he is a jerk or a nice guy is irrelevant. As long as he can turn her on, she can excuse, ignore and justify his terrible behavior so that she can get intimate with him.

Similarly, this also applies to men. She can mistreat him and he still will put up with it so as long as he thinks there is a chance. Why? Because he is turned on.

Female will get intimate even if she does not like him as long as he turns her on.

So stopped focusing on getting her to like you. Start focusing on getting her turned on.