What is Hooking?

You can approach many times, but approaching will not make her want to sleep with you.

So hooking is the transition from Acquaintances to interest. 

Hook Point:
When she has become interested in you as a mate, than you have reached her hook point.

Foundation - You are a lover:
Hooking is demonstrating that you are a lover, that you are sex-worthy. Don't showcase that you are provider in your initial interaction. You do not know her and she does not know. Showcasing that you are provider can occur after she is interested in you and has proven her worthiness.

Offer lots and lots and lots and lots of stimulus. More specifically, offer lots and lots and lots of variety of stimulus. You offer her stimulus by approaching. You offer stimulus by initiating. You offer stimulus by showing emotions. You offer stimulus by getting excited. You offer stimulus by being unpredictable. You do not offer stimulus by listening. You do not offer stimulus by being bored. You do not offer stimulus by doing and saying what she wants. You do not offer her stimulus by asking complicated questions. You do not offer stimulus by waiting. She wants you to be her drug. If you cannot, she will look elsewhere to find stimulus. If she does that, she will have no desire for you.

Biggest Mistake Men Make:
You do not offer stimulus by doing and talking about the same thing over and over again. The common mistake is that when a man think they have a conversation topic that interest her, he talks about it the whole time. Women are interested in men who are well rounded and multi-dimensional. Being able to stimulate her in one ways only makes the man a tool.

When you offer her stimulus, it is not because you are serving her. It is not because you are trying to impress her. It is not because you are trying to entertain her. It is not because you are trying to make her happy. It is because it is also stimulating you. You are enjoying your time and you are enjoying being a button pusher, a stimulator.


How do you know when you are in the right mood?

When are you talking. When you are talkative.

If you ever find yourself asking the question, 

"Should I talk to her?"
"What should I say?"
"Will she reject me?"
"Is the timing, right?"

Then, chances are, you are not in the right mood. By being in a talkative mood, you simply just approach and start talking.

Your opener is not important

She will not sleep with you just because you had a great opener. She will not reject you just because you have a terrible opener. 

When you have nothing to say, just say 'Hi, nice day' or 'Hi, nice to meet you'
or if you want to get a little fancier, you can also say
'Who are you?'
'Should I dye my hair blond?'
'I love you!'

Although what you say is not important, how you say it is. You need to give off the vibe that you are a man and she is a women and you have intimate interest. She will accept your reality. Be congruent and do not change this theme. If you change your theme, she will feel betrayed and think you are a fake.

In summary,
1. Your opener does not matter
2. Set the frame that you are a man, a good man who has physical desires.
3. Lead the conversation. Be the cause, not the effect. Let her be reactive. Let her react to you.

Complimentary helpers:
1. Assume familiarity. By default, you and her are strangers. By social conditioning, you are conditioned to not talk to strangers. But if you go with the assumption that she is already familiar with you, it will be easier to approach, be friendly with her and you would expect her to be friendly with you.
2. Approach quickly. The longer you wait, the faster you will fall the do not talk to stranger frame.
3. Be physical. Why be physical? Because you want to. You want to because you are having fun, being silly and being friendly, not because you trying to cop a feel. What does this accomplish? It unconsciously turns her on. When to be physical? Right away.

How to lead:
1. Be playful. Even better, get excited. Exaggerating and play pretend to make things more interesting. The reality is the world and life can be a boring place. If you see life for what it is and only act based on reality, you can certainly bore yourself and others to death. So, the key is to play pretend, to be a bit silly, to pretend to be delusional, to act as if.... and to exaggerate. Call your house a castle or a cave. Call your car a chariot or beast. Imagine if you were stuck in an empty white room with no windows. You won't be able to do anything productive or useful. Everything you do will be pointless and meaningless. So knowing that, you might as well amuse yourself and others with meaningless, pointless activities. So how can you amuse and entertain yourself and others? Think of the possibilities!!! There is really no point to bore yourself and do nothing, right.  Similarly, if you were stuck at a bar or club, how can you amuse and entertain yourself.  You can bore yourself by drinking and doing nothing or you can mingle, dance, sing and enjoy your time while you are there. Further, when you exaggerate and twist reality, she will want to know the truth. You know you are exaggerating. She knows you are exaggerating. Be honest that you are lying. That way, she does not feel betrayed when you tell the truth. This mystery builds suspense, get her thinking about you and intrigue her to want to know more about you. 
2. Have style. Wear something unique like a necklace.
3. Have hobbies, ideas, vision and ambition. Waiting are for followers. Take the initiative and explore.
The idea is to get her to notice you. To get her to be affected by you. You are the cause. She is the effect. The more she is affected by you, the more she will want to know you.