Summary - 4 simple steps

1. Your objective is to turn her on.

You are her lover, not her provider. From the moment you see her to the last minute of intimacy, your one and only objective is to turn her on.

2. To turn her on, you must give stimulus.

You want to be her drug, not her therapist. Do not try to correct her or make her a better person. If she is complaining or telling you her problems, then it is an indicator of disinterest. Try to change the topic and move towards stimulating conversations.

To gain this skill of offering stimulus, you must live an active, busy, balanced life. If you live a boring life, you will not have any stories to tell or adventures to talk about. You should have an interest in the way you dress, talk, touch and smell. By living an active, busy lifestyle, it makes you look scarcely available and a rare opportunity. If you are always available, then why would she need to decide now. She can always decide later because you are always available.

You must also be in a friendly, fun, care free state of mind. If you approach unwillingly, then she will notice and the conversation becomes awkward and painful. This care free state of mind also improves creativity allowing you to come up with more ideas to talk about.

Framework wise, your job is to invite her into your world. not enter hers. So asking her what she likes and looking for ways to give that to her is entering her world. Show her all the wonderful experiences in your world is inviting her into your world.

3. Look for indicators of interest

Indicators of interest include intimate allowances or willingness to follow your lead. If you can no longer stimulate her and she is not showing any indicator of interest, then it is time to move on. The next time you see her, you can always try again. By moving on, it shows you are not some desperate chump with nothing better to do.

4. Bounce her

Once you get the indicator of interest, one thing you must do is transition her to a different environment. This transition changes the relationship from acquaintances to relationship. That she is no longer just interacting with you out of convenience, but is going out of her way to spend time with you.

Overall, this is not just pickup guide, but a guide to improving your social skills. What you'll find is that this is not an overnight change. That is, it is not the one word you are missing or the one belief you are missing or the one secret trick you are missing. It is a lifestyle, environment and an attitude change and that takes time. Once you fine tune your lifestyle, environment and attitude, everything will fall into place and you will find people are naturally attracted to you.

How to be a gigolo

More precisely, have a gigolo mindset.

Chances are you are thinking it is the man's job to pay for her time and attention she is offering you. And you would be more than happy to do so.

But a gigolo has women pay for companionship. Why would women want to pay a gigolo for companionship when they can have someone like you who will pay and listen to all her problems?

This is a where you need to change your mindset and ask yourself what would it take for you to become a successful gigolo?

1. Gigolo offers great companionship, great ideas and can lead because he has the experience and knowledge around his environment and is willing to take risk to learn new environments.

2. Gigolo is not embarrass to be with an unattractive woman because he knows he is helping her. A low self-esteem frustrated chump would feel embarrass to be with an unattractive woman because it is an indicator of his own beliefs that he is unworthy.

3. Gigolo knows when to walk away. It is not about the money, but her attitude. If she is gold digger, run fast. Leave her where she is and don't even bother driving her home. A low self-esteem frustrated chump will stay till the end. He will accept everything she throws because he is hoping by putting up with her, he can get some intimacy. The truth is gold diggers don't give intimacy. Gold diggers know once the intimacy is offered, the gold stops coming.

Your best bet is to find females that you can stimulate emotionally, first. And that is the skill you should aim to master!

Freedom is not what women want

Frustrated men think they have something to offer because they give women freedom. They think by letting women make the decisions, they would be appreciative and reciprocate. And when that does not happen, frustrated men become angry.

Woman don't need a man to give her freedom. She already has freedom. 

Women want stimulus. Women want a man that has an idea as to where to take them, how to interact and how to stimulate her emotions.

That is, don't ask her what she likes. Don't ask her what she likes to do for fun. Instead, offer something to do. Offer fun things to do. Offer stimulating things to do.

To do that, a man must be able to go out there and experiment with new activities. See what's fun and see what works. Then, he has the experience and knowledge to offer these activities to others.

That is, take initiative, go alone and experiment. Once you gain the experience and consider the activity stimulating, bring a partner.