Who Pays?

In this era, the general rule is who asked who out. The person who did the asking out is the one that pays.

However, although this is the most appropriate scenerio, most women in Toronto still prefer men to pay.

Depending on the type of female you are dating, paying means different things.

If she is a GoldDigger, than men should pay all the time because she only cares about how much you spend on her, not really about you. These types of girls should be dumped and not worth anybody's time.

If she likes taken care of and special treatment, then paying means she got special. In fact, she would not want you to pay unless if she likes you as a potential boyfriend material. This is a common mentality women take on.

Another type is she wants you to pay because she doesn't have money or can't take care of herself. She is totally useless and depends on her looks to live. 

Another general norm is that men usually start off paying as the act of pursuit, but once when the relationship gets serious, she should will chip in.

One thing that you should note is whether she appreciates your generosity. Are you getting any physical rewards? Does she offer to pay anything? If she does, then great and you are heading in the right direction.

If she doesn't, then she doesn't care about you and only care about your money and how much more she can leech off from you. In this case, just dump her. 

What is Hooking?

You can approach many times, but approaching will not make her want to sleep with you.

So hooking is the transition from Acquaintances to interest. 

Hook Point:
When she has become interested in you as a mate, than you have reached her hook point.

Foundation - You are a lover:
Hooking is demonstrating that you are a lover, that you are sex-worthy. Don't showcase that you are provider in your initial interaction. You do not know her and she does not know. Showcasing that you are provider can occur after she is interested in you and has proven her worthiness.

Offer lots and lots and lots and lots of stimulus. More specifically, offer lots and lots and lots of variety of stimulus. You offer her stimulus by approaching. You offer stimulus by initiating. You offer stimulus by showing emotions. You offer stimulus by getting excited. You offer stimulus by being unpredictable. You do not offer stimulus by listening. You do not offer stimulus by being bored. You do not offer stimulus by doing and saying what she wants. You do not offer her stimulus by asking complicated questions. You do not offer stimulus by waiting. She wants you to be her drug. If you cannot, she will look elsewhere to find stimulus. If she does that, she will have no desire for you.

Biggest Mistake Men Make:
You do not offer stimulus by doing and talking about the same thing over and over again. The common mistake is that when a man think they have a conversation topic that interest her, he talks about it the whole time. Women are interested in men who are well rounded and multi-dimensional. Being able to stimulate her in one ways only makes the man a tool.

When you offer her stimulus, it is not because you are serving her. It is not because you are trying to impress her. It is not because you are trying to entertain her. It is not because you are trying to make her happy. It is because it is also stimulating you. You are enjoying your time and you are enjoying being a button pusher, a stimulator.


How do you know when you are in the right mood?

When are you talking. When you are talkative.

If you ever find yourself asking the question, 

"Should I talk to her?"
"What should I say?"
"Will she reject me?"
"Is the timing, right?"

Then, chances are, you are not in the right mood. By being in a talkative mood, you simply just approach and start talking.