Contradictions and Misconceptions

1. Familiar, but Mysterious

2. Busy, but Available

3. Successful, but Vulnerable

4. Sexually interest, but a Gentlemen

5. Aggressive, but sensitive

6. Wanted, but not used.

7. Unapologetic, not permission seeking, but not destructive or negative.

8. Takes initiative, but not desperate.

9. She won't remember what you said, but she will remember how you made her feel. 

10. Be her stimulus (addictive drug), not her therapist.

11. Confident, but not arrogant.

Should you compliment her?

Should you approach a target and tell her, she is beautiful? Or at some point in the interaction tell her, she is very attractive?

For me, the answer is no.

What I am noticing is that whenever I test this, it comes across as appearing manipulative that I am trying to get something in return. Although my goal is to make her feel special, it ends up making her feel awkward and worse, manipulated.

The more attractive the female is, the more she feels manipulated. It ends up being a turn off.

However, if I were to say "Hello Beautiful,.....", it works much better. It works better because it is an indirect, quiet compliment.

With even more attractive females, it is actually better to insult her or as some may say, negging. Since she rarely gets insulted with her looks, telling she has black teeth or a crooked smile gets her attention. She may even find it funny. Just don't keep insulting her. 

Now this no compliment rule only applies in the initial approach. Just by approaching her is enough of a compliment to make her feel special. In a long term relationship, she would appreciate these compliments from a man she likes.

Approach with this Attitude

1. The purpose of you approaching is to enjoy the interaction. It is not to date her. She still has to qualify herself to you.

2. Be willing to walk away. If she is rude to you, you need to be willing to walk away. Her, being rude, could just be a test. She needs to know she can lose you if she does not act appropriately.

3. Be happy and positive. If you approach out of fear and discomfort, she will know. Her guard will be up and she will want to leave.

4. Don't be nice, but do be polite. She is still a stranger. You are still a stranger to her. There is no reason for you to be too nice unless if you have ulterior motives.

5. Have a fun conversation. Without pleasure, there is no reason to be talking to a stranger at all.

6. Don't ask really personal questions. Don't ask too many questions. Do reveal yourself so she can feel more comfortable talking to you. Strangers are reluctant to reveal personal details because it makes her vulnerable.

7. Don't be so serious. Don't have serious topics. The purpose is to focus on the togetherness of the interaction. A serious topic will cause her to focus on the topic and not you. Light conversation like hobbies, scenery, game play, role play and jokes works much better.

8. Don't take it seriously or personally. Once the interaction is gone, you will never see her again. She will forget you ever existed and will not even remember what the conversation is about.

9. Be higher energy. If she matches your energy, it means you just got her more excited and that is a turn on. If you are lower energy, and she matches that, she will be more depress and that is a turn off. More importantly, be higher energy than the conversation topic. If the topic is good, say it is great. If the joke is only a bit funny, laugh like it was funnier. This higher energy puts the focus on you rather than the topic.

10. Take two steps forward one step back. By taking two steps forward, you put her at place of discomfort because you are too close. Take one step back, release the discomfort and then start the cycle over again. Touch, if you can. The back of the elbow and the shoulder are safe places.