Direct Approach

There are two ways to approach, direct and indirect.

Most newbies will start off with the indirect approach as it is safe and less intensive. However, as you get better with approaching, many PUA will recommend the direct approach. It cuts to the chase, saves you a lot of time and may get better result.

By approaching directly, she will see you as brave, confident and a masculine leader.

To approach directly, simply walk straight up to her and give her a compliment.

When walking up to her, stare right at her and smile. If she notices you walking towards her, she will perceive you as brave.

Don't Scare her

When approaching, you need to come from a an angle of safety. The best angle is from the side where she notices you and you do not appear confrontational.

If you approach from the back, you will scare her.

If you approah from the front, you will be seen as confrontational.


Further Technique:

When you approach, you can start of givng her kino right away. The safest spot is the back of the elbow.

Can men and women just be friends?

Yes, but from a male perspective, it's his loss.

Women benefit more if they are just friends.

Women can use a male friend to carry stuff, protect her and have a shoulder to carry on.

Female friends are not helpful in giving men advice, of any kind, including how to pick up other women.

In the end, it just appear men only become friends with females hoping they could get more than just friendship. Have you ever had a female that you like and she won't sleep with you, but she sleeps with other men she just meets? 

Could I be wrong???