Your job as a lover...

Remember, you are NOT there to be her provider. That comes only after you know her and like her on a deeper level.

You are there to be her lover. To be her lover means your job is to turn her on. 

If you go too fast, she will think you are disgusting call you a jerk or a pervert.

If you go too slow, she will get impatient and lose interest. She will then label you as a nice guy or good friend.

From the time you meet her as strangers, to the time she get turned on, every move you make is for this purpose. If she smiles and feel comfortable with you, you are one step closer. 

If the interaction stalls, it will be hard to get it moving forward. You need to always be moving forward or backward. Do not allow the relationship to stay still for too long.

Similarly, for female to attract male, she doesn't focus on being a good wife, great cook and nurturing mother. She shows skin. She shows sexual features that turns a man on. 

There is no other way. 

It is not about Persuasion

1. Don't think Persuasion. Thinking persuasion causes you to look for why and reasons for your targets. It causes you to behave logically. Instead, think stimulus. How can you stimulate emotions and create a unique experience during your interaction?

2. You cannot stimulate everyone. There will be a small percentage who will shut themselves off from being stimulated by you. For whatever reason, let it be her mood or the fact that she does not like the way you look, she may close off a receptive attitude. 

3. Your best successes are those who are most receptive to stimulus.

4. One of your objective is to be in environment where they are open and receptive to your presence and allow you the opportunity to stimulate.

5. You should also present and dress yourself in such a way that allows others to perceive you as interesting and stir her curiosity.

6. To think stimulus is to think fun. Have fun. If you are not having fun, then why are you here...

This is NOT about Manipulation!

If you believe you need to manipulate her to be attracted to you, then you must have very low self-esteem!

In fact, I am willing to bet you that if your plan is to be somebody you are not, then you have not been successful in picking up.

What these articles is about is, first, to be and most importantly, accept and embrace yourself.

Then, to get excited about who you are and what you have to offer. This higher energy allows others to be proud to be around you. If you like who you are, that should be easy.

It is also about discovering your social skill errors and correcting them.

It is NOT about changing who you are from the core.

I am not teaching you to manipulate others because there really is no way. I am teaching my understanding of how the game is played and what the rules are.

She has no control of her desires. It is already pre-programmed in her genes. You have no control of your desires. It is already pre-programmed in your genes. Do not blame her for her desire of choice. You cannot blame yourself for your desire of choice. 

It is a matter of understanding her desires and being able to fulfill them. What you will discover is that it is easiest fulfill when you are being yourself and improving your social skills. If she still does not like you, then so be it. You cannot attract everyone. You should, however, be able to attract a lot just by being yourself. Any other strategy is a recipe for failure.

You may argue what happens if being yourself means being an egotistical, self-centered, sadistic bastard? Would such a person be able to pick up? Even Charles Manson, a 5'4 serial killer gets fan mail and plenty of girls wanting to marry him in prison. I would, however, suggest you focus on your emotions which is probably in a state of anger as oppose to being in a state of joy. You need to be in a positive state of mind and to actually like people when you are approaching. 

To hate people and approach them is also a recipe for rejection.