She does not mind paying

10% are alpha males. 80% are beta males and the remaining are incels. I am guessing...

How do beta males pick up? By paying full price. 

Alpha males get a discount. Incels pay full price, but don't get anything.

The beta male strategy is wine, dine, provide, and wait until she likes you. This works if she is already somewhat attracted to you and wants to be treated like a princess. On the other hand though, do you realize this very same female is giving an alpha male a discount. That is, the alpha male does not need to wait, does not need to spend money and she chases him. How would you feel knowing you are paying full price while she is giving another male a discount. Just like shopping, no one wants to pay full price if they don't have to. Yet, beta male tend to pay full price because he thinks this is the solution to winning her over, to wine and dine her.

First, if she is giving you a discount, it is an indicator of interest. It is not because she gives everyone a discount.

Second, beta males have been trained to believe in the wine, dine and provide solution. She wants you to believe that. Discounts are acted on, but never openly stated. Beta males are not use to getting discounts so when it happens, they believe she gives everyone a discount.

Third, this is why you touch and demonstrate sexual interest. This demonstrates you are an Alpha-male that is use to getting discounts.

Your checklist

Below is a list of items you should know to prepare yourself.

  1. You are well groomed. Your nails are cut. You don't have bad breath. You wear clean iron clothes that are not ripped. As well, you also look unique such as you also wear a necklace or watch for decoration and styling. That is, you have a sense of style that gets you noticed without appearing desperate.
  2. You smile. You are friendly and open to give a bit. Giving a bit does not mean money, but value. You are ready to contribute, offer insight and present who you are.
  3. You have conversation ideas. "What do you do for living?", "Are you in school or working?", "Should I dye my hair blond?", "Who is the bad girl?", "Let's take a photo?", "Want to dance"
  4. You can hold a conversation. To do so, you must be well rounded. You have lots of hobbies like travelling, languages, current events, news, technology, fashion, photography. You have ideas. In your conversation, don't say "I don't know."
  5. You can demonstrate high value and success. Just like men are interested in attractive women. Women are interested in alpha-males. You need to demonstrate adventure, success, knowledge, excitement.  That is, you can stimulate her emotionally. She needs to believe you have potential and she needs feel excitement. This is not meant to be a show off. As show off is a sign of low-esteem. A truly confident man would be able to provide insight, take risk and accept failure and still feel great!
  6. You can lead and bounce. You have innovative ideas and things you can do with her. Take her from one place to another. Ask her to hold your jacket. Ask her to scratch your back. If she complies, it is an indicator of interest. This vested action also builds interest.
  7. You have a variety of things to do. Don't be a hermit. A busy man with variety of things to do is an interesting man. A hermit is a boring man.
  8. You have places you like to go and approach. You can approach bars, outdoor, clubs, coffee shops, social events, Latin dance clubs. Where ever it is, the key is that it must be social and you must like it. If you are finding you are not successful, experiment with another venue and different hobby.
  9. You can touch. Yes, touch is a sign of sexual interest. That is your intent. You are not there to be her friend. So touch her to prevent her from putting you in the friend zone. If she rejects your advances. Try again, but not as strong. If she walks away or ask you to leave, aim for someone else. You are not there to be her friend. Do not compromise. You have better chances of leading a stranger into an intimate relationship than a friend. A stranger is mysterious with unknown expectation. A friend is familiar with preset expectations like perhaps, no touching.
  10. Crash hard! Beta males give half hugs fearing she gets offended. This half hug is awkward and puts her in the driver's seat. You are the decision maker and you decide what kind of hug and touch you want. So give the full hug and crash hard! If she gets offended, be surprise by her lack unfriendly attitude. If you are going to go for it, go for it with absolute confidence. If are you going to crash, then crash hard! Any other way is an indicator of weakness and low-value. If you crash, you can justify that she does not know.

Make her happy without cost

Person A makes her happy by giving her a million dollar.

Person B makes her happy by telling her a joke.

Guess which she would rather sleep with? Person B.

Why? Because when she is aware he had to lose something like a million dollars for her to be happy, she can make the distinction between him and the cause. She knows what made her happy was the million dollars, not him. With Person B, since it did not cost him anything, she cannot, on an unconscious level, make a the distinction between the joke and him. So she can only conclude she is happy because of him. She then will associate her happiness with him.

Applying this concept, if you pay for an expensive dinner date, do not expect her to feel more attracted to you. But if you chose a great restaurant with good food, she will be more attracted to you. If you had a fun conversation during the dinner date, she will be more attracted to you. In the end, it is not the cost and sacrifice you put in that makes her attracted to you, it is the end result without the cost or sacrifice that makes her more attracted to you.

That is, the moment you show her cost or sacrifice, she will separate the cause from you.

Do not believe or act like sacrificing or giving something up is going make her attracted to you. 

If you are going to sacrifice like pay for dinner or show effort, do not even reveal it, it is indicator of low-value, weakness and she will be less attracted to you!