The purpose of talking?

So what is the purpose of talking and conversing?

Well, let's start with what it is not about:

1. It is not about learning something new. If there is something you want to know, just read a book or look it up on the Internet. 

2. It is not about getting to know her better. I rarely ask for her name. Because I really do not care. She does not care to tell me either. She will care if she starts to like me, but that comes later. Getting to know each other is boring. Being mysterious and wondering what each is about is intriguing.

3. It is not about spending more time with each other. You can be with her and not say a word and that would be considered spending time. But that would bore her to death. The time she is willing to spend with you should not be wasted. You need to make sure she becomes vested in you. She needs to spend more than just time. She needs to spend energy and work on you in order for her to feel she has a vested interest in you. I call this intensity. Her intensity with you is just as important as duration.

So what is the purpose talking then?

1. It is about being playful. If you are not playful, then it is no different than her talking to a computer. There is a reason why people prefer to talk to humans over computers. And the reason is humans have emotions. Having emotions is what stimulates her. Show emotions. Show a playful attitude. Smile!

2. It is about being a stimulating person. Don't just be an interesting person. It is about stimulating her emotions, her thoughts and her physical body.

3. It is to get her vested. To get her to walk with you. To follow you. To do what you say. This sounds demeaning, but it is the main indicator of interest. The longer it takes to get her to invest in you, the harder it will be for her to invest in you.   

Contradictions and Misconceptions

1. Familiar, but Mysterious

2. Busy, but Available

3. Successful, but Vulnerable

4. Sexually interest, but a Gentlemen

5. Aggressive, but sensitive

6. Wanted, but not used.

7. Unapologetic, not permission seeking, but not destructive or negative.

8. Takes initiative, but not desperate.

9. She won't remember what you said, but she will remember how you made her feel. 

10. Be her stimulus (addictive drug), not her therapist.

11. Confident, but not arrogant.

Should you compliment her?

Should you approach a target and tell her, she is beautiful? Or at some point in the interaction tell her, she is very attractive?

For me, the answer is no.

What I am noticing is that whenever I test this, it comes across as appearing manipulative that I am trying to get something in return. Although my goal is to make her feel special, it ends up making her feel awkward and worse, manipulated.

The more attractive the female is, the more she feels manipulated. It ends up being a turn off.

However, if I were to say "Hello Beautiful,.....", it works much better. It works better because it is an indirect, quiet compliment.

With even more attractive females, it is actually better to insult her or as some may say, negging. Since she rarely gets insulted with her looks, telling she has black teeth or a crooked smile gets her attention. She may even find it funny. Just don't keep insulting her. 

Now this no compliment rule only applies in the initial approach. Just by approaching her is enough of a compliment to make her feel special. In a long term relationship, she would appreciate these compliments from a man she likes.