She does not mind paying

10% are alpha males. 80% are beta males and the remaining are incels. I am guessing...

How do beta males pick up? By paying full price. 

Alpha males get a discount. Incels pay full price, but don't get anything.

The beta male strategy is wine, dine, provide, and wait until she likes you. This works if she is already somewhat attracted to you and wants to be treated like a princess. On the other hand though, do you realize this very same female is giving an alpha male a discount. That is, the alpha male does not need to wait, does not need to spend money and she chases him. How would you feel knowing you are paying full price while she is giving another male a discount. Just like shopping, no one wants to pay full price if they don't have to. Yet, beta male tend to pay full price because he thinks this is the solution to winning her over, to wine and dine her.

First, if she is giving you a discount, it is an indicator of interest. It is not because she gives everyone a discount.

Second, beta males have been trained to believe in the wine, dine and provide solution. She wants you to believe that. Discounts are acted on, but never openly stated. Beta males are not use to getting discounts so when it happens, they believe she gives everyone a discount.

Third, this is why you touch and demonstrate sexual interest. This demonstrates you are an Alpha-male that is use to getting discounts.