Misleading Indicator

Man A approaches a target and ask her to have sex.

Man B approaches a target and ask for friendship. 

A third person observing this would think Man B is moving in the right direction while Man A will fail miserably.

The reality is Man A is more likely to have intimacy with his targets.

Man A will fail miserably most of the time. He may even get slapped but there will actually be one in hundred chance that a female will accept his direct approach. Man B will get more friends, but it is not likely to lead to intimacy. Man A, with his direct approach saves time and can approach more targets. Man B will have to spend time talking to her and acting like he just wants to be her friend in order to continue his lie.

Man B, who appears more sincere is actually the more conniving one. He is pretending to want to be her friend, but the reality is he just wants to sleep with her just like Man A. So, in the beginning, the targets are more responsive to him, but may also manipulate him, try to get him to buy her drinks and try to get him to spend money on her. He may also get pity response which is certain to not lead to intimacy. At some point, Man B has to reveal his true motive, which she probably already knows. She would rather keep him as a friend and having intimacy with him would ruin their friendship.

The lesson:
Don't pretend you are not interested in intimate relationships. You are a man and you have desires. You are approaching her because you are interested in her, not because you are looking for more friends or in how her day went. If she accepts this fact, then she will not feel betrayed if you behave in an intimate manner. Secondly, if she does not accept your desires, then you can save time and move to another target quicker. 

Act Emotionally, not logically

Logical Thinker - Forces himself to Approach targets and stares at her to see if it is okay to approach
Emotional Thinker - Approach targets because you want to and she just happen to conveniently be there

Logical Thinker - Prepares by thinking and planning it
Emotional Thinker - Prepares by psyching yourself up by listening to music, acting higher energy

Logical Thinker - Aims to have a realistic sense of self
Emotional Thinker - Aims to have a delusional sense of self

Logical Thinker - Analyzes what she says and needs to know the truth and reasons with her
Emotional Thinker - Accepts what she says and accepts that it may not be true and stimulates her imagination

Logical Thinker - Reacts to what she says and does
Emotional thinker - Does and says things to get a reaction

Logical Thinker - Plans to come up with tricks and ideas to manipulate her.
Emotional Thinker - Smiles and enjoys the conversation to see where you can lead her.

Logical Thinker - Behaves in a cautious, calm, and reserve manner
Emotional Thinker - Behaves in a high intensity and high energy manner

Logical Thinker - Worries about what others will think of him and his self-image.
Emotional Thinker - Focus on what you want, right now. It is a game. All will be forgotten once the day is over.

Logical Thinker - Aims to make her the goal and the prize. Compliments her looks and tries to please her.
Emotional Thinker - Aims to make an adventure the goal and the prize. It would be great if she can come along, but you are also fine with to go alone without her.

Logical Thinker - Says things seriously. Take what she says seriously and literally.
Emotional Thinker - Says things just to get a reaction. Takes what she says very lightly and knows how to read between the lines. 

Bottom Line: In life, you have to be very cautious. You never know when someone is going to trick you, scam you or lie to you. No one wants to stand out and be judged because that will make you vulnerable and an easy target. Especially females are more vulnerable than males. Wouldn't it be great if she could live a fantasy land where she does not have to worry about her current situation. That life is wonderful and her mind is focus on other more interesting things? That is what an emotional behaviour can offer. You can take her away from her worries and let her focus on you, a high intensity, stimulating, adventure.

The purpose of talking?

So what is the purpose of talking and conversing?

Well, let's start with what it is not about:

1. It is not about learning something new. If there is something you want to know, just read a book or look it up on the Internet. 

2. It is not about getting to know her better. I rarely ask for her name. Because I really do not care. She does not care to tell me either. She will care if she starts to like me, but that comes later. Getting to know each other is boring. Being mysterious and wondering what each is about is intriguing.

3. It is not about spending more time with each other. You can be with her and not say a word and that would be considered spending time. But that would bore her to death. The time she is willing to spend with you should not be wasted. You need to make sure she becomes vested in you. She needs to spend more than just time. She needs to spend energy and work on you in order for her to feel she has a vested interest in you. I call this intensity. Her intensity with you is just as important as duration.

So what is the purpose talking then?

1. It is about being playful. If you are not playful, then it is no different than her talking to a computer. There is a reason why people prefer to talk to humans over computers. And the reason is humans have emotions. Having emotions is what stimulates her. Show emotions. Show a playful attitude. Smile!

2. It is about being a stimulating person. Don't just be an interesting person. It is about stimulating her emotions, her thoughts and her physical body.

3. It is to get her vested. To get her to walk with you. To follow you. To do what you say. This sounds demeaning, but it is the main indicator of interest. The longer it takes to get her to invest in you, the harder it will be for her to invest in you.