Claiming to be shy

Every expert tells you, you need to be confident. Oftentimes, this results in an egotistical attitude. A person that lacks confidence hides his fears with egotism. This egotism is not only unattractive to females, it is unattractive to everyone.

However, a confident man need not to act egotistically. He can also claim to be shy and this claim can even come across as an attractive turn on. Claiming to be shy can put her at ease and demonstrate vulnerability and humility which is also an attractive trait. 

Just don't really act shy and nervous.

Be a man of experience

Very often, you will see a mid 20 year old female dating a 40 year old male or a 30 year old female dating a fifty year old male. What do these males have in common? 


A 40 year old male should have enough experience that he makes very little mistakes in life in terms of leisure activities, finances and knowing what he wants. This security is attractive to females because she can rely on him to help her reduce mistakes and offer direction and insight she would not know.

So does this mean you need to wait until you are old enough? Of course not, age is not the factor. It is the experience, the knowledge and the success that turns her on. So to gain experience, you simply have to accept more stimulus. Staying at home and watching T.V. won't cut it. Go out, explore, try new things, learn new ideas and discover. The more you know, the more value you can add in an interaction.

The pleasure of Roleplaying

I have discussed role playing before, but I am going to explain this one differently.

When women change clothes, dress up, dress down, they are role playing. The pleasure of role playing allows you to be an image and not be bored being the same type of person. 

Roleplaying is fun.

It is a game adults and children play whether they are aware of it or not.

However, something happens when we become adults. We think role playing is childish, silly and immature. The problem with this thinking is that we end up becoming stuck to certain self-image. Essentially, we become narcissistic. Narcissistic people fail to realize an image is just that. A fake, mirage that no one else cares about and doesn't really exist. It limits growth and development because narcissists stick to keeping this image real. 

So let's take a different direction and let's realize this image is a role you play. You can at any point change this role and play a new role. Role playing is done by changing clothes, wearing new decorations like necklace and watches, and behaving differently. One minute, you can be leader, next minute you can be a nerd and next day, you can be a bad ass. 

Role play is attractive!

If you wear the same clothes every day, if you do and behave the same way everyday, you are boring people away from you. Maybe you do it because you are too cheap to buy new clothes. Maybe you do it because it is what you have always done and you do not see a reason to change. Maybe you do it because you do not realize that role play is fun and attractive. Other people like to see you in different clothes. They do not want you to be predictable and dull. They want you to be new, exciting and stimulating. 

Role play is a fun tool to attract other people!