"I didn't notice before."

[Controlled silence as I look around for a moment.] "What?" "Oh, sorry.:) Erm. how similar we actually are. Its as if there was a deep, mysterious yet fantastic connection between us, that stretches over time and is just waiting to be noticed and discovered and embraced in a magnificent relationship, that holds two people so tightly together, that nothing or nobody can tear them apart and complete love and warmth oozes out of every part of their intertwined bodies. Isn't it wonderful, how two people can meet by chance and feel such closeness that they want to be together now and forever? I'm talking about this incredible connection between two people on all levels of intimacy - intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical" (kino, sp etc:)


"Have you ever had dreams about someone you really really like? Me, for instance, I find that when you meet somebody who you're very attracted to , and you start to THINK ABOUT THAT PERSON all the time, that's when you can really begin to NOTICE THAT PERSON IN YOUR DREAMS. I mean you know how you REMEMBER some dreams, and others you FORGET? It's like when you constantly THINK ABOUT THIS PERSON, your conscious mind GOES DOWN REAL DEEP into your subconscious and BRINGS BACK all these wonderful dreams about them. If you were to DO THAT at night, how long would it take you to REALIZE that you're dreaming about this person? Me, I've had that happen before many times..."

Ross Jeffries: "The key, for people seeing such a pattern for the first time, is to be visually perceivable, but not consciously noticeable. If you point down frantically at your crotch and say real loud "GOES DOWN REAL DEEP" at the dinner table, yer gonna get slapped, okay?"

Mental Images

NS (NightShadow): Remember where on your mental screen you saw those images of you and your old flame?
DB (Defenseless Babe): Yes
NS: Now, on that same screen recall a time you felt the most incrdible sensation that you have EVER experienced (first orgasm is almost always the response). Picture it and open your eyes when you feel it the most intensely (this gets her to see your face RIGHT AFTER those feelings. Ross prefers to have someone wag their finger and you anchor it like that.) Open your mine to me and allow the sound of my voice to PENETRATE your thoughts.
DB:(opens eyes)
NS: What did you see? DB: BLAH BLAH BLAH
NS: Awesome, ok, Nude-Erection (new direction, one of my favs). After you felt that great feeling and opened your eyes and saw me, where you still excited?
DB: well, yeah
NS: Do I make you feel good? Thats ALL MY GOAL IS to do with you is make you feel good (who can see what I am doing here?). So whenever you need to feel good just imagine MY WORDS THAT I linked to your feelings and picture those feelings and my face on your mental screen.