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In addition to articles, I will personally coach you throughout your progress and answers to any questions or concerns. What would life be like if you were actually successful, NOW.

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How I coach:

  1. This process is meant to be fun and enjoyable. That is, I do not do day game. I think day game is pathetic. I won't pressure you go out there and make cold calling approaches. Who wants to go knocking to door like salesperson. It is just stupid and a time waster. In fact, I probably do not even believe in picking up. I believe in meeting and mingling as part of your natural lifestyle. So it becomes effortless.
  2. I have a moral conscious. Most of us have moral consciousness. There are many so called 'pua' that just go around harassing females until they get a number or result. These so called 'pua' are wasting her time and interrupting her daily life. It is not nice. Do it respectfully, appreciate her time and most importantly, don't violate her rights!
  3. PUA is a marketing gimmick. I am not a PUA. I am more of a relationship builder and creator. What I offer is guidance, a set of tools and self-understanding that allows you to be a more socially accepted and interesting person. With these tools, you can do many things including find the love of your life, breaking out of your shyness, getting to know more people and establishing strong relationships quickly with both men and women.
  4. Learning takes time. It cannot be done with a three day boot camp. How much have you already invested so far... Other pua charge thousands for three days. I do not believe in three day seminars because it takes more than three days to figure this out. I am offering articles, personally customized guidance and direction for less than $20 per a month. Which other programs out there offer you unlimited support!
  5. You can remain anonymous. You don't even need to see me in person if you don't want to. You can remain anonymous. My advice and guidance can all be through the Internet, I am available through email, videos and pictures to answer any questions and if you send me your field report, I can offer you personal steps to take you to the next level. I will also track your results and let you know how you can improve your progress.
  6. Success is done when you take action. You can read all the articles you want in this site and every site, but it still will not help you. There are so many articles and advise out there, that you can read for five years and you will only notice minuscule improvement in your life. What you need is to pinpoint the exact area of improvement. It is difficult perform self-analysis. I can identify what improvements you need to make. So we get straight to the root cause and your fix the problems that matter. Join NOW or waste another five years sitting at home, surfing the Internet reading other people's success.

Once you become member, the first thing I would like you to do send your assessment. This helps me understand any misconceptions you have and what we can work towards.

For MEMBERS ONLY, Contact me and get in person coaching. You must of course be in the Greater Toronto area or be willing to cover the cost of my travels to your city.

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