You do not need to be creative

When approaching, it would be fun if you found something creative to say, but there is no pressure to be creative. Simple questions work such as 

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What do you do for a living?
  3. How are you?
  4. How long long have to lived here?
The key is to display higher energy and enthusiasm when asking it. You must look like you want to be there, you want to talk to her and you have things to talk about.

Questions that don't work include

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. What do you do for fun?
  3. What are your hobbies?
  4. What do you think of me?
These questions are too complicated. Unless if you and her have an interest in the meaning of life, it is just too much energy to think about. The last three questions are approval seeking. Don't ask her questions about her just to figure her out. She doesn't know you that well to reveal herself to you.

Also, don't ask too many questions. Question are value-takers. Start talking, tell stories, offer insight, ideas, and opinions. Although you don't need to be creative, you do need to be stimulating.

Misleading Indicator

Man A approaches a target and ask her to have sex.

Man B approaches a target and ask for friendship. 

A third person observing this would think Man B is moving in the right direction while Man A will fail miserably.

The reality is Man A is more likely to have intimacy with his targets.

Man A will fail miserably most of the time. He may even get slapped but there will actually be one in hundred chance that a female will accept his direct approach. Man B will get more friends, but it is not likely to lead to intimacy. Man A, with his direct approach saves time and can approach more targets. Man B will have to spend time talking to her and acting like he just wants to be her friend in order to continue his lie.

Man B, who appears more sincere is actually the more conniving one. He is pretending to want to be her friend, but the reality is he just wants to sleep with her just like Man A. So, in the beginning, the targets are more responsive to him, but may also manipulate him, try to get him to buy her drinks and try to get him to spend money on her. He may also get pity response which is certain to not lead to intimacy. At some point, Man B has to reveal his true motive, which she probably already knows. She would rather keep him as a friend and having intimacy with him would ruin their friendship.

The lesson:
Don't pretend you are not interested in intimate relationships. You are a man and you have desires. You are approaching her because you are interested in her, not because you are looking for more friends or in how her day went. If she accepts this fact, then she will not feel betrayed if you behave in an intimate manner. Secondly, if she does not accept your desires, then you can save time and move to another target quicker. 

Should you compliment her?

Should you approach a target and tell her, she is beautiful? Or at some point in the interaction tell her, she is very attractive?

For me, the answer is no.

What I am noticing is that whenever I test this, it comes across as appearing manipulative that I am trying to get something in return. Although my goal is to make her feel special, it ends up making her feel awkward and worse, manipulated.

The more attractive the female is, the more she feels manipulated. It ends up being a turn off.

However, if I were to say "Hello Beautiful,.....", it works much better. It works better because it is an indirect, quiet compliment.

With even more attractive females, it is actually better to insult her or as some may say, negging. Since she rarely gets insulted with her looks, telling she has black teeth or a crooked smile gets her attention. She may even find it funny. Just don't keep insulting her. 

Now this no compliment rule only applies in the initial approach. Just by approaching her is enough of a compliment to make her feel special. In a long term relationship, she would appreciate these compliments from a man she likes.