This is NOT about Manipulation!

If you believe you need to manipulate her to be attracted to you, then you must have very low self-esteem!

In fact, I am willing to bet you that if your plan is to be somebody you are not, then you have not been successful in picking up.

What these articles is about is, first, to be and most importantly, accept and embrace yourself.

Then, to get excited about who you are and what you have to offer. This higher energy allows others to be proud to be around you. If you like who you are, that should be easy.

It is also about discovering your social skill errors and correcting them.

It is NOT about changing who you are from the core.

I am not teaching you to manipulate others because there really is no way. I am teaching my understanding of how the game is played and what the rules are.

She has no control of her desires. It is already pre-programmed in her genes. You have no control of your desires. It is already pre-programmed in your genes. Do not blame her for her desire of choice. You cannot blame yourself for your desire of choice. 

It is a matter of understanding her desires and being able to fulfill them. What you will discover is that it is easiest fulfill when you are being yourself and improving your social skills. If she still does not like you, then so be it. You cannot attract everyone. You should, however, be able to attract a lot just by being yourself. Any other strategy is a recipe for failure.

You may argue what happens if being yourself means being an egotistical, self-centered, sadistic bastard? Would such a person be able to pick up? Even Charles Manson, a 5'4 serial killer gets fan mail and plenty of girls wanting to marry him in prison. I would, however, suggest you focus on your emotions which is probably in a state of anger as oppose to being in a state of joy. You need to be in a positive state of mind and to actually like people when you are approaching. 

To hate people and approach them is also a recipe for rejection.

Emotions, vulnerability and trust

When we display emotions, we are in some sense displaying vulnerability. When we are displaying vulnerability, we give others opportunity to hurt and embarrass us. Yet, at the same time, if you we do not give others such opportunities, then we cannot know if we can trust them. Without emotional communication, there would be no purpose for friendship or relationship because there is no trust.

If you find yourself emotionless with some people, than that is fine because you simply do not trust them.

If you find yourself emotionless to everyone, than that is not fine because you have a fear of showing vulnerability. Without vulnerability, there cannot be any form of genuine relationship.

At the same time, when someone reveals to you their vulnerabilities, it is your time to show you can be trusted by supporting him/her forming a closer friendship and relationship.

For anyone to feel close to you, you also need to reveal some form of vulnerability. We are all human. We all have flaws. If one person reveals a flaw, it is best you reveal yours so he/she does not feel so left out.

Don't take words literally

When it comes to communication, one can express it literally or emotionally.

Her: "I hate you"


Her: "Don't ever talk to me, again."


Her: "I don't want to see him, ever"


Sometimes, men take this as a commitment and react accordingly. 

Sometimes, both women and men say things based on how they feel and not what they truly mean. If she is in a rational state, then you can accept her statement literally. If she is in an eccentric state, than focus on calming her emotions before concluding she really meant what she said. 

For example, 

You: "Do you want to go to the movies"

Her: " No, not with you"

You hug and kiss her. You see that she has calmed down.

You: "Ok, let's go."

Her: "Ok"

In the her mind, she is thinking 'I am glad he can read me and understand what I really meant.'