Don't be approval seeking

When you see someone else that is taller, better-looking and richer, do you think to yourself why should she be with you when she can be with him?

(If you are thinking like that, than you are also attracting people who are also like that. Then, these people will never be attracted to you.)

Everyone has different meaning of success. One person's success means driving a fancy car and living in a luxurious mansion. There will certainly be plenty of targets interested in such a man. On the hand, another person's success means traveling around the world, not having to worry about maintaining cars and expensive houses. Once again, there will certainly be plenty of targets interested in this adventurous lifestyle as well. Both these people are successful in their own right. They may not necessarily attract the same type, but they will attract plenty because they are following their passion, not approval seeking and comparing themselves to other people's achievements. 

If you believe there is someone better than you (or worse than you) for whatever reason, than you will end up being approval seeking. 

Don't compare. Don't compete. Don't seek her approval. She needs a man who can lead and knows what he wants in life. Be the man who can live your passion.

How do you know when you are in the right mood?

When are you talking. When you are talkative.

If you ever find yourself asking the question, 

"Should I talk to her?"
"What should I say?"
"Will she reject me?"
"Is the timing, right?"

Then, chances are, you are not in the right mood. By being in a talkative mood, you simply just approach and start talking.

Any emotion is good

1. Better to piss her off than to disappoint her

2. Better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission

3. Better to offend her, apologize than to bore her and ask her for direction

4. Better to be excited for no reason than to find reasons to be excited

5. Better to get her excited because you are excited than to give her a reason to be excited