3. Setting up the right habit

I must admit, I can be very lazy. It is much more relaxing to stay in the comfort of my own home and watch TV then to spend the energy to get out there to meet and mingle. But the truth is, having a social life takes work. It needs to appear effortless, but it still work to begin with. Eventually, it becomes a habit and becomes natural. Staying at home and surf the net does nothing. You still must get out there and mingle!

To begin, look for things to do, social events to attend, interest you enjoy and can share with others.

If you cannot think of any, here is a must do list

1. Salsa clubs - they are much friendlier than night clubs

2. Dance Lessons - Can't dance, learn it!

3. Acting or Improv lessons - great way to improve and expand on your self-image.

4. Singing lessons - a beautiful voice is an attractive one.

5. Night clubs - although not my interest. Night clubs allow you to be somebody you are not. It is way to live a different life.

6. Sports clubs like volleyball - Great way to establish teamwork and get some exercises.

7. Tango clubs - although Tango is not popular everywhere. Tango seems to cater to the older crowd.

8. Learn a new language in a group setting.

9. Lookup Meetup.com, facebook.com for events. There might be something that you can join.

10. Your interest churches, yoga, religion, psychology, philosophy, self-help. Whatever your interest is, attend it. Don't have any interest? Get some!

Want more detail as exactly which club, classes, lesson you can attend? Ask me and I will tell you specific addresses in your area that will improve your game!

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