Always come prepared

Whether it is an actual date, a casual meet, or an approach, it is your job as the man, to provide activities, start conversations and direct her emotions.

That's right, it is the man's job. It is the women's job to simply follow and enjoy the fantasy.

1. Never suggest that you planned and prepared and worked hard for these activities. It must appear natural so that it appears to be part of you and is not faked.

2. Make sure you have at least 3 conversations topics and stories with it that will insinuate how great it is to be with you. Make sure these stories stimulate her emotions. As well, come up with three activities that can be done to keep her busy. Her time is just as valuable as yours. Don't waste her time and make sure she doesn't waste yours.

3. Always have a backup plan. Expect the unexpected. No two women are the same. Even the same women behave differently depending on how she feels. Never rely on a women's words. Her actions speak louder. If she stood you up, get ready to just move on and start sarging. If she has an unexpected mood swing, make sure you can handle it without whining, anger or arguing. That is, don't bother reasoning with her.
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