Are 3 day PUA boot camps worth the investment?

No, absolutely not.

They cost around $1500 - $2000 to listen to guy talk for 3 days and then sarge at night. For 3 days for lecturing, you can get more out of a book where you read at your own pace. For $1500, you can buy more than 50 PUA books! 

These PUA call these book camps INTENSIVE 3 days, but the word intensive is really a marketing gimmick. PUA boot camps is first a making money business and second, hopefully, an educational seminar. Do you think you will learn more faster by attending an INTENSIVE 3 day seminar. Absolutely not. 

With learning or thinking, you can't go fast, by going quickly.

Everyone needs to learn at their own pace. It is more important to learn the foundation and fundamentals than to learn quick gimmicks doesn't last or doesn't even work. To learn the foundation and fundamentals, one needs time and patience for the brain to re-organize the way it believes and think.

These PUA claims they are the best and have the latest most advance strategies that aren't in books or anywhere else and it will be all unleashed in these boot camps. 

My response to such silly statements is that you, as a learner do not need most advance strategies. What you need, as repeated before are fundamentals and foundation. Once you understand that, everything else is easy and can be obtained through books.

Secondly, you do not need the best PUA to learn from. You need good teachers that can motivate and direct you and tell you what you are misunderstanding.

Me, personaly, I have never attended a PUA boot camp. I have heard from others that these boot camps include a seminar where they teach simple, already heard by reading books and articles and then applying these techniques at night. Then the next the PUA congratulates you and claims that you have made progress because you attended their boot camp and justifies that progress either by claim you got a number or approacked. But these progress can be done easill and inexpensively just by having me assist you for much less. If not, anyone can help you progress for much less.

Bottom Line: To learn to become more successful with women, you do not need to spend $1500 - $2000 and you will not learn faster. You need to learn at your own pace. Just read these articles. If they don't help, ask me for more assistance and I can guide you through what you are doing right or wrong. I can also motivate you, if that's what you need. Why spend $1500 for 3 days when you can spend less than $19 a month and have a coach guide you through for many years! I gaurantee you will get results within a year.

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