To be a PUA, do you have to be a jerk?

To be a PUA, you're taught it is a numbers game. Females are just numbers and there is no human compassion whether they accept or reject you. It is simply a game.

You're also told to date multiple women and not commit to anyone. Hurting female emotions is simply not a factor.

Given these ideas, are PUA jerks?

My answer is no. You can be sensitive and be a PUA at the same time. The truth is, maximizing your chances by approaching more women is not demoralizing to women. Salesman and Marketers always consider the success rate of buyers. You can be sensitive to females needs and wants and still approach more.

Now dating multiple women isn't just something men do. Women do it, too. Women also allow multiple men top hit on them and they like it!

Thus, being a PUA and a jerk to separate and independent attitudes.

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