Better to be alone than to be with unsupportive friends

Too many times, people are with someone just because they would rather be with someone than be by themsevles. If this is the case for you, then it is an indicator you need to get out there and socialize! Learn how to meet new people and learn how to enjoy time with youself.

Before you can enter a relationship, you must totally comfortable with yourself and by yourself. You should be independent and happily able to do and enjoy things alone. Once when that happens, you become less needy and you will actually learn a lot because you get to do the things you want to do without influence.

Although human being are social creatures, we are all different and need to travel our own development paths. You need to do things on your own that helps you get where you need to be rather than do things just to be with others.

As you are developing, you will naturally attract like-minded people based on your development.

Doing so also puts value in yourself. Rather than measuring your self-worth based on who you're with, you can measure your self-worth based on who wants to be with you.

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