Can a man and a woman stay in love together forever?

After so many years of analysis, I think the answer is no.

How a woman and a man get together and fall in is purely superficial, probably by design by God or Mother Nature. If these superficial traits dissappear, men or women tend to divorce. Women have left men because they lost their jobs or could no longer support their family. Men have left women because she became fat. This clearly can't be true, unconditional love especially since it is conditional.

Once they bare children, they have a whole new objective. I believe the love the parents have for their children can be considered unconditional, true love. It doesn't matter what the child looks like, is capable of, the parents can love him or her unconditionally.

After twenty years of raising the children, some couple have chosen to divroce, others chose to stay together. They may chose to stay together for the loyalty and commitment, but I believe all healthy couples have lost the spark after twenty years. Because of their age and the toll of raising the children, couples may chose to stay together since they simply have no interest or strength in finding someone else, but this doesn't mean they are in love. This only means they are no longer interested in finding love.

Couple end up staying together perhaps, to meet the ego of being a certain religious group or just too lazy or weak or guilty to find someone else.

It is a sad truth, but the truth will set you free for a better life!

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