Fluff talk

Fluff talk is really men talk to women about pointless, meaningless stuff. It is an stress break from every day living allows people get to know each other. Althogh the conversation is about nothing purposeful, it is essential and neccessary aspect of the flirting game.

Fluff talk allows women to comfortable and warms up to a stranger. The key to fluff talk is to talk about emotions, not facts.

"You: So, what did you do yesterday?

Her; Oh, I cooked a big dinner.

You: You enjoy cooking alot?

Her: Yes.

You: I know what you mean. I love cooking. What's the best part of cooking? What feels the best?

Her: Blah blah blah

Dos and don't of fluff talk

• do tell interesting stories
• do express positive emotions in your conversations
• do smile, but not all the time.
• do compliment if she likes it
• do make jokes and make her laugh
• do teach and offer information. Being informative shows intelligence. Just don't bore her or don't think she is going to like you more becuase you helped her. She is only going to like you are more because she is attracted to your intelligence.
• do make sure she is interested in the conversation
• do lead the conversation

• Don't ask hundreds of questions
• Don't talk about any of your personal such as family, work, money, health problems. Leave problems for another day and another person like a therapist.
• Don't talk about anything negative at all. Keep everything you talk about upbeat and positive. Complaining or saying anything negative is kind of a turn-off. Some guys seem to think if they say that something sucks-the vodka, the music, the crowd-it shows they have an intelligent and critical eye. It just shows me that he Is a grump. Don't bitch about your previous girlfriends or ex-wives on how they mistreated you, dumped you, cheated on you, took you to the cleaners on child support, etc.
• Don't try to analyse her problems. If she starts talking about her problems, you are losing the conversation and she is leading it. Make sure you lead it to a more positive topic.
• Don't pretend to be funny or humorous. If you are putting on an act, it will come across to her as phoney. Just be friendly and smile (but in appropriate doses, avoid having a grin on your face ALL THE TIME, guys that are smiling for hours in a row look terribly insecure and just plain pathetic).
• Don't be egotistical. Don't brag about yourself and your accomplishments. There are exceptions though, but try to be careful about them. If you really have something impressive to talk about, you can let her in on it, just try to be real casual about it. On the whole, women are very good at sniffing out when the male is trying to impress them by bragging. And if what he is bragging about is not really that impressive, it's a complete turn-off. So be careful. Focusing on her and her interests is a far safer route to take.
• Don't try to help her and expect her to fall in love with you because you helped her. Being helpful is just being courteous.

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