How women perceive divorce will shock you

In Canada and most parts of the developed nation, divorce benefits the females tremendously. Yet, even during this era where women make almost as much as men , the benefits women get in a divorce far out weighs the inequality in the financial gender gap.

Did you know 70% of divorce are initiated by women. Women often perpare fo a divorce months and sometimes, years in advance before telling her husband. She prepares by taking a very unemotional, analytical analysis of the financial impact of the divorce.

To prepare, I have heard of cases where women would sell their husband's old stuff and buy new ones. This way, once the divorce occurs, the new items are deemed shared and he would have to split the items in half.

Some women may start suddenly spending for two years before the divorce. This allows her to claim a certain lifestyle and in accordance to Canadian Law, the husband is required to cover the cost of her lifesstyle even after the divorce.

She may start to act very cruel and mistreat her husband. This causes the husband to react negatively and desire the divorce. She can then claim, he initiated the divorce or he may do something like cheat on her, giving her even more benefits when the divorce occurs.

She will also need to make sure she is still marketable such that other men like her. If that is the case, then why keep her current husband where she can already take more than half his assets?

Men, on the hand, are quite ignorant and emotional when it comes to divorce. He doesn't expect it. He believes marriage means compromise and men would often do the compromising. Suddenly, when told his wife wants a divorce, he becomes surprise and doesn't even know, in spite of the fact the she may have been preparing for the divorce years ago.

Still want to get married???

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