Can you make her first consider and then _want_ the opposite?:) Ross Jeffries: "I don't know if you'd find me really attractive or that I might be somebody that you can feel really close to... because it doesn't happen with just anyone... you know what I mean don't you? That feeling of closeness that allows you to let go and really be with someone... I'm not sure we could have that... But we might have fun finding out and the very least we might be friends... But it is nice isn't it? I mean when that does happen and you find yourself having all those feelings... inside. You know how that feels don't you? I mean when was the last time you felt that way? Really intense... inside... and down below. and as you think about it have you noticed you can get some of those feelings back now! But you know I find you really attractive but I don't want

you to sleep with me... I'm not even going to ask you... because its your decision... and any way I'm not sure you can make me want you... but its nice to think about it isn't it? And I'm sure you'll find what you really want... eventually but until then we can have some kind of closeness. because I don't want to sleep with anyone who doesn't really want to sleep with me... 100%. But we can be friends can't we?"
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