More, More Pattern

Ross Jeffries: "Another very simple and powerful way to thought bind is to use a pattern my good friend and teacher Kenrick Cleveland calls "the more the more pattern". A simple way to use this, in a pickup, is to get a woman laughing. Once she laughs, call attention to it by saying something like, "'re laughing. It feels good to laugh. And the more you laugh, the more you'll discover that you really want to go out with me!". Now, it sounds too simple, but it works! "The more... the more" basically is saying that doing one thing causes you or makes you do something else. Here's some other possible uses:

• The more you try to think of reasons why you can't, the more you realise just how much you can. • The more you laugh the more you recognise how much fun it would be to spend time together, NOW. Do you want to have coffee, or would lunch be better? • The more you try to think of (whatever important male in her life), the more you find yourself thinking of me." or "The more you are thinking about him, the more you find you thoughts coming back to me. • The more you are thinking about leaving, the more you know you have to stay for me. • The more you're thinking about the music, the more you realise it would be fun to dance with me:)"

Update. Make her a believer:) Ross Jeffries:

"I don't know how exactly you'll absolutely convince yourself that what I am saying is totally true and right and the more you might resist that suggestion the more the deeper and much more open part of you is beginning to find reasons why its true. Maybe not the reasons I suggest but your own reasons and that how you can know its true because you yourself are having those thoughts, it isn't me. And you don't argue with your own thinking do you?"
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