My Intended Audience

Chances are, if you are reading these articles, it is because you want to sleep with as many hot women as possible. Also, chances are, you have slept with no one or maybe 1 or 2 women. 

Although I believe these are the types of users that will read these articles, these users really isn't my intended audience, but in some ways, it is.

What happens when a straight male doesn't sleep with women? They get desparate and they start to desire to sleep with as many women as possible. It's a like a hungry person. They desire to eat and eat lots of delicious stuff!

This desparation and desire may turn into anger and hopefully not, but possibly rage and hatred. These men start to hate women because they don't undertand them and the desire to hurt women grows. They may even be envious of men who are successful.

This is the unfortunate truth.

Thus, my intended goal is to really re-engineer this type of emotional negativity.

Once when you discover the right way to be successful with women, you'll hopefully come to appreciate them. The desire to hurt, hate, or become angry vanishes. The desparation and depression ends and rather than having the desire to only sleep with women, hopefully, you will see and respect women for who they are.

My intended audience are really those who are having are hard time and doesn't know where to turn. My intended audience are those just want help, but not to sleep with women, but to learn and experience the pleasure of relationships.

I can understand that most men who are hungry, will get angry and desparate if they don't eat. But once when they do eat, I believe they will be able to come back to a more positve state of mind and respect for women.

That is my reasoning for writing these articles. It is not designed to advance skills who are already successful with women, but rather those who do not have a clue and need some guidance.

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