Some girls you approach may be extremely beautiful. So beautiful, they think all men are after one thing. They are use to getting compliments and use to being treated like Gods. So use to it, they are sick of it! Thdy treat men like shit and they still have too many men chasing of after them.

In order to deal with these kinds of women, you have to neg them. By negging, they think you are not interested in sleeping with them and it brings them down to a more human level, so you can speak to them and they will respond back in more attentive way.


1. "Are you as beautiful inside as you are out?"

2. "Really, I have seen ugly girls"

3. "Hey, your nose looks funny"

4. "Well, at least you have a good body"

5. "You hair looks kinda nice"

6. "Don't tell me you are a stuck up bitch."

6. "You are nearly as tall as me. I like tall girls (LIFT). Are those heels 4 or S inches (DROP)?"

• "You blink alot"
• "Your nose wiggles when you talk:)"
• "Weren't you wearing this dress the last time you were here?"
• "Excuse me... may I finish my sentence first?"
• "Oooh... Sick... You just spit on me!" (when the girl is talking to you).

YOU: "I don't think we should get to know each other." HER: "Why?"<
YOU: "I think you are just too much of a NICE GIRL for me." HER: (whatever, it doesn't matter because she will try for you now)

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