You: "Can you remember the last time you had a peak experience? Like climbing a mountain... or watching a beautiful sunset... or the first time you looked at someone (point to yourself, self- pointing, sp) and recognised YOU REALLY LOVE THIS PERSON (sp)."

Her: "Sure..."

You: "What was that like?"

Here you should shut up and let her describe it. Listen carefully as she will give away lots of trance words.

You: "That's really interesting. You know, I find it so neat how YOUR MINE can be going along in one direction, you know in an everyday ordinary state, and then SUDDENLY for whatever MYSTERIOUS reason, you just GO INTO A MUCH DIFFERENT STATE... a state where

YOUR MINE is so in touch with the MYSTERY and the WONDER and the beauty of life (point to yourself, dumbshit!). And sometimes it's like in YOUR MINE, you just SLOW TIME DOWN, and the whole world stops, as you just LET YOURSELF GO WITH THIS (point to yourself). Can you FEEL THAT (reach out and touch anchor) is an incredible thing to experience. WITH ME. NOW, I know that for a lot of people different things can trigger that."

Her: "God... yeah... I LOVE the way you talk... it's like your inside my soul."

You: "Well, thank you (whatever-your-name-was). And you know, for a lot of people falling in love, or an orgasm are peak experiences, but for me, it's music. Like, the other night I was listening to Mozart, and I don't know if you are familiar with him or not ("Moe who?" - at least that's what Arnold Schwartzenegger responded with in Last Action Hero:), but some of his stuff is just a series of short little musical segments... like little pecks on the cheek, and with some of his stuff those segments just GET LAID (whatever-your-name-was), from end to end, and keep getting repeated. But his really great stuff is composed of these long, slow, lingering movements... they're like long, slow, lingering kisses... long slow lingering caresses, and you just FEEL ALL OF THAT ALL OVER YOUR BODY when you LISTEN... TO ME. NOW... it's an incredible thing... you know."

Ross Jeffries: "This induces a pretty damn loosened up, altered state and you've already dropped in a few good sexual metaphors too. What's CRITICAL is you speak slowly, and make sure you anchor when you are getting the responses. Also...make sure your gestures match what you are talking about. Don't make short, choppy gestures if you are talking about long, slow, lingering, movements or you'll be dating your hand! Where could you go from here? Well, pretty much anywhere. You could transition to gathering info about her values by saying something like, "So... if you could just imagine your ideal, peak relationship... what are some of the things that would be important to you to be there?" Or you could move on to the blow job pattern or incredible connection or whatever."

As for Moe (sorry, Mozart:) - hey, these are just examples, insert something that has deep personal meaning for you and describe that instead.
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