PUA Reference of abbreviations

#close - the number close. You got the girl's number. Give your's if she only agrees to an exchange.

*close. You got the girl to kiss you.

3s rule - the three seconds rule. There may be a maximum of only three seconds between you seeing a girl and acting upon it.

AA - Approach Anxiety. A very common anxiety to et when approaching women.

AFC - Average Frustrated Chump. A phrase coined by Ross Jeffries to describe a healthy (read: horny) male not (yet:) educated in the art of seduction.

BF - Boyfriend, Borefriend:)

IOI - Indicators of interest. A phrase coined by Mystery to measure how interested the female is.

IOD - Indicators of disinterest. Similarly, measures disinterest.

Kino - kinaesthetics. Touching her: her hands, shoulders etc to escalate sexual comfort.

LTR - Long Term Relationship. Although the length of a relationship to qualify as "long term" can not be defined, the physical and/or emotional involvement of such a relationship certainly extends beyond that of a chance encounter aka one-night-stand.

LJBF - Let's just be friends. A common preference from women who don't want to sleep with you.

Neg - also known as negging, neghits or negative hits. A way to bring down hot women who perceives others are just trying to sleeping with down to a more human level.

PUA - Pick-Up Artist. Someone that picks up girls. I personally am not a fan of this term. So define it as someone who others really want to get to know!

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