Paranormal Pattern

Three themes that mean more to girls than you can probably guess are here for you to elaborate on:) Daniel, ASF:

"Our paths crossed not just by chance, but there is a reason for everything that happens, like i met you and you met me and on some level this will work out to be a positive experience for both of us"

"You know people have energies, you can just sense these vibes coming from people, like i sense the feeling that you are a social, fun and someone who is comfortable with themselves and interacting with other people, someone who isnt afraid to get to know someone on a deeper level, a level that reaches past the casual introduction and into the level of deep and profound connection"

"I believe in a higher being, someone who looks after you and make sure you meet ppl who you can get comfortable with, after all your destiny is to meet someone who appreciates you and what you think"

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