Part 6: 22 Years Old continue 4

I had been rejected, insulted, humiliated, cast out, bullied, starved, tortured, and ridiculed for far too

long. Humanity is a cruel and brutal species, and the only thing I could do to even the score was to

return that cruelty one-thousand fold. Women’s rejection of me is a declaration of war, and if it’s war

they want, then war they shall have. It will be a war that will result in their complete and utter

annihilation. I will deliver a blow to my enemies that will be so catastrophic it will redefine the very

essence of human nature.

     It was time to plot exactly what I will do on the Day of Retribution. I will be a god, punishing women

and all of humanity for their depravity. I will finely deliver to them all of the pain and suffering they’ve

dealt to me for so long. 

     The first thing I had to consider was the exact date it will take place. Valentine’s Day would have been

very fitting, since it was the holiday that made me feel the most miserable and insulted, the holiday in

which young couples celebrated their happy lives together. The problem was that Valentine’s Day was

only a month away. I needed more time than that. Also, on Valentine’s Day most young couples will be

spread out in various restaurants in the city instead of being packed together at parties in Isla Vista.

Another option was Deltopia, a day in which many young people pour in from all over the state to have

a spring break party on Del Playa Street. I figured this would be the perfect day to attack Isla Vista, but

after watching Youtube videos of previous Deltopia parties, I saw that there were way too many cops

walking around on such an event. It would be impossible to kill enough of my enemies before being

dispatched by those damnable cops. 

     I wanted to set an exact date, on a normal Isla Vista party weekend, and once I set that date I will

never change it. After a lot of thinking and consideration, I concluded to bring about the Day of

Retribution on Saturday, April 26, 2014. 


     In the first months of 2014, which are the last months of my life, I tried to make the most out of every

day. There was no a single day where I stayed in my room. Every morning, I set out in my BMW to go on

adventures around the vicinity of Santa Barbara and Montecito, and I wouldn’t return until late in the

night. I went on hikes in the mountains of Montecito, wandered around aimlessly in beautiful parks,

took strolls along the beach, sipped lattes at various cafes, and watched the sunset at my many

contemplation spots, staying there until the stars lit up the night sky. Every time I did this though, there

was no escaping the sight of young couples doing the exact same thing together. It made me even more

eager for the Day of Retribution to come. My life was a living hell, and that hell needed to come to an


     I had enough extra money saved up to live comfortably and indulgently before I die. I didn’t spend all

of it though, for I still needed supplies that were vital to my plans. First, I needed to buy a third handgun,

just in case one of them jams. I needed two working handguns at the same time, as that was how I

planned to commit suicide; with two simultaneous shots to the head. I also needed to buy magazine

clips and ammunition, as well as knives and carrying cases for my equipment. 


     Even in the first months of 2014, leading up to the tragic day in April, the little twinge of hope inside

me never faded. It remained, as if it were tiny, flickering flame of a candle in a dark room. I suppose that

little flame is what prompted me to actually attend the two Spring Semester classes I registered for at

SBCC. That lasted a good two weeks, before I realized how pointless it was and dropped them. There

was no hope now, and I had to accept it.


     After going through every single fantasy I had about how I would punish my enemies, I started to

detail all of my exact plans for how the Day of Retribution will play out. 

     On the day before the Day of Retribution, I will start the First Phase of my vengeance: Silently killing

as many people as I can around Isla Vista by luring them into my apartment through some form of

trickery. The first people I would have to kill are my two housemates, to secure the entire apartment for

myself as my personal torture and killing chamber. After that, I will start luring people into my

apartment, knock them out with a hammer, and slit their throats. I will torture some of the good looking

people before I kill them, assuming that the good looking ones had the best sex lives. All of that pleasure

they had in life, I will punish by bringing them pain and suffering. I have lived a life of pain and suffering,

and it was time to bring that pain to people who actually deserve it. I will cut them, flay them, strip all

the skin off their flesh, and pour boiling water all over them while they are still alive, as well as any other

form of torture I could possibly think of. When they are dead, I will behead them and keep their heads in

a bag, for their heads will play a major role in the final phase. This First Phase will represent my

vengeance against all of the men who have had pleasurable sex lives while I’ve had to suffer. Things will

be fair once I make them suffer as I did. I will finally even the score.

     The Second Phase will take place on the Day of Retribution itself, just before the climactic massacre.

The Second Phase will represent my War on Women. I will punish all females for the crime of depriving

me of sex. They have starved me of sex for my entire youth, and gave that pleasure to other men. In

doing so, they took many years of my life away. I cannot kill every single female on earth, but I can

deliver a devastating blow that will shake all of them to the core of their wicked hearts. I will attack the

very girls who represent everything I hate in the female gender: The hottest sorority of UCSB. After

doing a lot of extensive research within the last year, I found out that the sorority with the most

beautiful girls is Alpha Phi Sorority. I know exactly where their house is, and I’ve sat outside it in my car

to stalk them many times. Alpha Phi sorority is full of hot, beautiful blonde girls; the kind of girls I’ve

always desired but was never able to have because they all look down on me. They are all spoiled,

heartless, wicked bitches. They think they are superior to me, and if I ever tried to ask one on a date,

they would reject me cruelly. I will sneak into their house at around 9:00 p.m. on the Day of Retribution,

just before all of the partying starts, and slaughter every single one of them with my guns and knives. If I

have time, I will set their whole house on fire. Then we shall see who the superior one really is!

     The Final Phase of the Day of Retribution will be my ultimate showdown in the streets of Isla Vista.

On the morning before, I will drive down to my father’s house to kill my little brother, denying him of

the chance to grow up to surpass me, along with my stepmother Soumaya, as she will be in the way. My

father will be away on one of his business trips, so thankfully I won’t have to deal with him. If he didn’t

go away on that trip, I might even have to postpone the whole plan because of my fear that I might

hesitate if I have to kill him. Once I’ve taken care of my brother and stepmother, I will switch over to the

Mercedes SUV, and drive it back up to Isla Vista. I will use it as one of my killing machines against my

enemies. An SUV will cause a lot more damage than my BMW coupe. 

     After I have killed all of the sorority girls at the Alpha Phi House, I will quickly get into the the SUV

before the police arrive, assuming they would arrive within 3 minutes. I will then make my way to Del

Playa, splattering as many of my enemies as I can with the SUV, and shooting anyone I don’t splatter. I

can only imagine how sweet it will be to ram the SUV into all of those groups of popular young people

who I’ve always witnessed walking right in the middle of the road as if they are better than everyone

else. When they are writhing in pain, their bodies broken and dying after I splatter them, they will fully

realize their crimes.

     Once I reach Del Playa Street, I will dump the bag of severed heads I had saved from my previous

victims, proclaiming to everyone how much I’ve made them all suffer. Once they see all of their friend’s

heads roll onto the street, everyone will fear me as the powerful god I am. I will then start massacring

everyone on Del Playa Street. I will pull up next to a house party and fire bullets at everyone partying on

the front yard. I will specifically target the good looking people, and all of the couples. After I have

destroyed a house party, I will continue down Del Playa, destroying everything and everyone. When I

see the first police car come to their rescue, I will drive away as fast as I can, shooting and ramming

anyone in my path until I find a suitable place to finally end my life. 

     To end my life, I will quickly swallow all of the Xanax and Vicodin pills I have left, along with an ample

amount of hard liquor. Immediately after imbibing this mixture, I will shoot myself in the head with two

of my handguns simultaneously. If the gunshots don’t kill me, the deadly drug mixture eventually will. I

will not suffer being captured and sent to prison.

     I must plan this very efficiently. Nothing can go wrong. It needs to be perfect. This is now my sole

purpose on this world. My plans will come to fruition, and I mustn’t let anyone stop me. 


     On the week leading up to date I set for the Day of Retribution, I uploaded several videos onto

Youtube in order to express my views and feelings to the world, though I don’t plan on uploading my

ultimate video until minutes before the attack, because on that video I will talk about exactly why I’m

doing this. 

     I titled one of the videos I uploaded “Why do girls hate me so much?” in which I ask the entire

population of women the question I’ve wanted to ask them for so many years. Why do they hate me so

much? Why have they never fancied me? Why do they give their love and sex to other men, but not me,

even though I deserve them more? In the video, I show that I am the perfect, magnificent gentleman,

worthy of having a beautiful girlfriend, making the world see how unreasonable it is that I’ve had to

struggle all my life to get a girlfriend. It is my attempt to reason with the female gender, to ask them

why they have mistreated me. I was hoping I would get some sort of answer from girls. In fact, a small

part of me was even hoping that a girl would see the video and contact me to give me a chance to go on

a date. That alone would have prevented the Day of Retribution, if one girl had just given me one

chance. But no… As expected, I got absolutely no response from any girls. The only responses I got were

from other men who called me names and made fun of me. Women don’t care about me at all. They

won’t even deign to tell my why they’ve mistreated me. This just shows how evil and sadistic they are.

Oh well, they will realize the gravity of their crimes when I slaughter them all on the Day of Retribution.

How dare they reject a magnificent gentleman like me!


     As April 26


 drew ever closer, I prepared myself to the fullest extent. All I had left to do was finish

writing this story and film my final video. But then, on Thursday, April 24


, I woke up with a terrible

cold. I rarely ever get colds! I’ve always had a strong immune system. It was as if fate itself was trying to

stop me from doing it. But what other reason do I have for living? Alas, there was no way I could carry

out my plans if I had a cold. Everything had to be perfect. In addition, I found out that father had arrived

home two days earlier than he originally said he would, so if I had indeed went forth with my plans, I

would have had to kill my father, which I wouldn’t be mentally prepared for.

     I hastily decided to postpone it to Saturday, May 24


, 2014. I would definitely be fully recovered from

my cold by then. This will also give me a few more weeks of life, and more time to prepare. A few days

earlier, I felt so ready to finally strike back at women and humanity, with all my rage and hatred. I was

profoundly eager to do it! But for some strange reason, having a few more weeks of life made me feel

relieved. I took in a deep breath and relaxed. Coupled with my hate-fueled eagerness to carry out my act

of revenge, there was also an extreme sense of fear inside me. Part of me still didn’t want to do it. It will

mean my death, and I have always been afraid of death. 

     I didn’t want to be in Isla Vista on April 26


, the day I previously planned on carrying out my plans.

Hearing all of my enemies partying and having a good time on the day I was supposed to kill them all

would be too much to bear. I immediately called my mother and asked her if I can stay at her house for

the whole weekend, exaggerating my illness so that she would let me. While there, I visited the doctor

to ask about the condition of my cold, and spent the weekend in deep, peaceful contemplation.


     Upon my return to Santa Barbara, I assured to myself that this was it. May 24


, 2014 was the final

date. There is no postponing it anymore, no backing out. If I don’t do this, then I only have a future filled

with more loneliness and rejection ahead of me, devoid of sex, love, and enjoyment. I have to do it. It’s

the only thing I can do. May 24


, is the absolute last weekend in the Spring semester in which I can carry

out this plan efficiently. After May 24


, the Spring semester at SBCC will end, and all of the SBCC

students will go back to their hometowns, which means less enemies to kill in Isla Vista. Sure, UCSB

would still be in session, but I want to kill both UCSB and SBCC students. The Day of Retribution is my

sole purpose on this world, and I am ready. 

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