Personal growth - beyond PUA

Once when you master this relationship aspect of your life, you will notice there is much larger achievement in your life than just picking up women.

The process to succeeding with women is self- discovery. In particular, it is discovering your masculine self.

Theoretically speaking, every single human being has a purpose and their purpose is discovered from within. As a man, one of your natural purposes, is to be masculine. However, given society's restriction and the need to conform to society, we hide our masculinity and suppress it to the point we have forgotten its existence.

By following these articles, you will discover your natural masculinity from within. Once when you discover and unleash your true masculinity, you will naturally attract femininity. That is, you will naturally attract females without even trying.

It is just like Chinese Taoism, Ying and Yang. Masculinity and femininity are meant to attract and come together.

Knowing this, your objective, when reading these articles, is to discover your masculine from within and unleash it!.

Cheers and let the journey begin...

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