Purpose of PUA

One may believe the purpose of PUA is to sleep with as many women as he wants. And although this is true, this really isn't the purpose. This is only one benefit of mastering Pickup.

Eventually, sex becomes meaningless, pointless acts that waste a lot time. 

For women, perhaps being a PUA means you can seduce the richest men and get him to buy you stuff, give you money and marry you and then, divorce him.

Eventually, once when we become successful, our develop a new purpose where being successful with the opposite sex means to select the right one for love and marriage. Love and choosing the right partner should not be a need. It is a want. If you only had one partner to choose from, then you didn't really have a choice. This person chose you. You just accepted this person because it is the only person that liked you. That is a terrible basis to get married and build a foundation for a loving family.

On the other hand, having the freedom to chose your partner and select the one that you want, not need, is a compliment to your partner and to yourself. This can then begin the start of a genuine committed relationship where the foundation of a loving family can begin.

Alternatively, although not the focus, these articles can also help you detect and avoid such con-artist.

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