Seduction is a game

Do not take it personally. Do not take it seriously. It is a game where both you and your partner can enjoy. It is a games where you can be anybody you want to be, if it is believable enough.

It is a game where you can role play and discover your masculinity and play that role until you perfect it. It is a game where you can also try different images and see what happens. 

It is a game where you should be able to laugh, learn and move forward, until you want to be serious. Meeting strangers should not be a serious act. Take it with a light heart whether the stranger enjoys your company or rejects it.

Once when it becomes a game, you become more open minded to learning the rules. Play by the rules. Do not create your own. Strategize the best tactics to win within the rules and realize, there is plenty of opportunity in the sea. 

Seduction is a game where there are no losers, only learn how to play the game better and enjoy the moment.

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