The Follower

The follower's strategy is to do what everybody else does. It is easy and no one will judge or reject him for it. As long as someone else has already done it, he can do it too feeling part of the social norm. Followers may also agree with friends and anybody that says anything. By agreeing the follower thinks he is getting on their good side, but adds no value to the conversation.

Perhaps, these types has a painful personal experience where they were laughed or taunted for expressing his own opinion. Perhaps, he knows disagreeing doesn't build rapport, so he will always agrees.

However, a follower eventually becomes annoying. He adds no value to the conversation, doesn't have a mind of his own and probably doesn't even have a backbone.

Yes, it is true disagreeing is not seductive and does not build rapport. But there is an art to adding value to the interaction without having to disagree. Learn this art. Don't will always agree. Doing so, makes you predictable and boring. If you do disgree, you can present it in such a way that doesn't offend others.

By being a follower, there has to be a leader. The leader ends up carrying all the weight and it will no longer becomes fun for the leader. Learn to share the workload and learn to lead sometimes. Leaders make the environment fun. In return, leaders are more likely to get what they want.

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