The Ignorant

Ignorant people have no place in seduction. Ignorant people are closed minded, does not pay attention to detail and refuses to learn. They are often vulgar and offends people and will continue to offend people in spite of other people's disgusted reactions. They may also be slobs because they simply do not care about how they affect others. they may also be tasteless and act on impulse. The environment is not a factor in their behavior and certainly neither are the people around them.

Seduction is an art where one must listen to details and is open minded enough to take in new ideas. One must be accepting and willing to change in accordance to the environement and others. Although being obedient to others is not interesting, being offensive to environment is just tasteless and disrespectful.

If this is you, learn to enjoy the art of being part of the environment and participating in a healthy, positve way. If the environment does not support you, simply move on. There is no need to waste your time in an environment that does not support the person that you are.

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