The Sex Crazed

The pleasure of male and female interaction comes from the mind and the ability to stimulate the imagination to unpredictable heights.

Do you stare at her boobs? Do you try to get close so you can feel her body and rub her body. It is a turn off and she will be repulse by such desperate acts. If you get a hard on when dancing, she will never dance with you, again. Control your urges till the time is right. At the right times, it is ok to use sexual connotations, but in a controlled manner. 

One may believe such individual are just very sexually active, but only the opposite true. These sex crazed are actually sex starved. Perhaps, they were told sex is bad or nudity is sinful. Causing them to suppress their body's natural urges and when they could no longer suppress it, it explodes in uncontrollable ways.

As a man or women, realize your own sexual desires and accept it as being acceptable. All humans have it. Most don't show it. In a society where it is still a personal issue and never spoken, it is difficult to understand and resolve. Allow your sexual urges to be released before interacting with the opposite sex and you will be a in better state of mind to seduce. As seduction and sex does go hand in hand, but not in in the beginning.

This does not mean you need to hide your sexual intent. Women know men have sexual intent. It is acceptable and even admired to admit you are man with sexual interest, but a man who cannot control his desires is an act of desperation and low value.

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