The Stingy

Cheapness signals more than a problem with money. It is a sign of something constricted in a person's character—something that keeps them from letting go or taking a risk.

Seduction is an investment. It is an investment in time and money. Seduction is also a risk. Be willing to take the risk and learn more. If you lose $20, you may gain an learning experience for the next target.

It is the most anti-seductive trait of all, and you cannot allow yourself to give in to it. Most tightwads do not realize they have a problem; they actually imagine that when they give someone some paltry crumb, they are being generous. Take a hard look at yourself—you are probably cheaper than you think. Try giving more freely of both your money and yourself and you will see the seductive potential in selective generosity.

Of course you must keep your generosity under control. Giving too much can be a sign of desperation, as if you were trying to buy someone.
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