The easiest types of girls to pickup

Being successful in picking up girls is all about self-esteem, her self-esteem.

There are females who have high self-esteem. These types are hard to pick up. They only want those who have created chemistry, correctly. You have to operate with minimal mistakes.

Then, there are those who have low self-esteem. These types are even harder to pick up. They will reject you before you reject them to prevent the hurt of getting rejected.

Then, there are those are looking to raise they're self-esteem. These are the easiest to pick up. Fortunately for men, there are more of these types then the previous two. If you can make her feel special, she will want you.

In fact, some women who are looking for higher self-esteem will actually have one night stands just to make herself feel wanted and special.

The bottom line is that picking up women is still a numbers game. Within a minute, she will already make the decision as to whether she likes you or not. If she doesn't, don't waste your time pestering her. Look for somebody else and minimize your time to approach more numbers.

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