Trance Words

The words she puts particular emphasis on or repeats frequently are her so-called trance words. This means that by using the very same words she uses you will be able to tap directly into her consciousness and subconscious. After all, those are the words she thinks with and is most familiar with. And hearing you use them, she feels you understand her so completely, you are like a soul-mate, and whatever you say to her is much more likely to be understood and most importantly - liked by her:)

A rough implementation of using trance words would be to take what she tells you and feed it back to her in a slightly different robing using her personal trance words. But when I say rough, I don't mean that its not working - the fact that it just doesn't have much style, doesn't mean that it isn't deadly effective:)

A more sophisticated approach would be to listen to and remember her trance words. And use them a little later:) And maybe in a slightly different context:) But the difference between this and the first method is only subtle - here you just have to use a little more imagination and have a good memory:)

An example: You: "If I were to ask you, what's the most important thing in a relationship, how would you describe it to me?" Her: "I want a man who makes me feel comfortable with myself" (you remember "feel" and " comfortable") You: "Wouldn't it be nice if you could spend time with a man who makes you feel like you could let down your guard and just be comfortable? Whose voice soothed and at the same time stimulated you? I get the feeling that this could happen to you right now, with me."
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