Trust Pattern

Johnny Shack ( "You want to overcome the common trait of thought that women believe you will dump them immediately after the deed is done if they are so easily led into the bedroom. Heres what you can say as a story to place calmness and trust into the girl's mind. Make sure you carefully ease this into the conversation during the night. Look for the opening to say it. Think of it like a jig-saw puzzle except your trying to fill in another gap.

"Yeah trust. It's a funny thing. I actually lost some faith in girls a couple of years ago". Now you need to pause here to get her to ask why. By doing the pause you achieve a couple of things. The first is that you don't blow your cover about your rehearsed story by reeling off a memorised statement. The second is that you may be placing her in the perfect position for your intentions. She will hopefully want to prove you wrong and restore your faith in the trust of women.

"I had a one night stand with a girl and we didn't see each other again for a couple of months". Here you are saying to her that one night stands are okay. The way you are saying it in open conversation with this girl will downplay the one night stand black cloud that hovers over it in girls minds.

Then say: "I lost her number so I couldn't catch up with her". You are now telling her that you didn't act like the typical male bastard by not ringing her after getting what all males only want. You're saying you would have, if only you hand't lost her number. It also says you still want to see a girl after a one night stand and she will think: "If I fuck him tonite he won't just burn me like other guys have done to my friends and also to me. This guy is great. I won't have to play the hard to get routine with him to keep him interested in me. I can fuck him tonite and he'll still ring me".

Then you say: "Anyway, what happened was that a very close mate of mine one day just came right out and asked me if I'd slept with this girl". You are now putting in her mind that you don't ever discuss women stories even with your close mates. She's thinking: "If he doesn't mouth off to his mates he probably doesn't tell anyone what he does".

Then say: "I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I never tell even my best mates what I do and don't do with girls, so she must have been the one to open her mouth". You're now acting shocked and amazed how the info got out because you don't even tell your best mates. You have made her believe your story about not telling your mates because it is a close mate who is telling you this news and you are just beside yourself as to how he would know what happened. She will be thinking now: "The girl must have been the one to tell his friend because who else would have"?

When you deliver these lines, after a while you will even start to believe them yourself. Try to let yourself get involved in the fantasy of your lines to women. When you convey your well timed lines in this manner you will be well on the way to getting the woman or women you desire."

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