Why there are more fishes for men than women

In the art of dating and mating, it is the man's job to approach. A man can approach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Because of that, the man can approach any fishes in the sea.

It is the women's role to wait to be approach and then, decide of the ones that approached her, select which ones she likes best. Thus, her selection is only limited to a smaller size. This gives the man much more opportunities as his competition is NOT every male he sees, but only every male that approaches the same women. At the same time, women has to make a decision on the spot. She just can't tell the guy to wait and if no other guy approaches, then she'll accept his advances. She has to make the decision on the spot to accept his advances and risk losing him and possibly someone worse may come along or no one at all.

Another process women have to encounter is that for women to accept man's advance and suggest a possible future, she has to spend time with him to flirt and get to know him better. She simply doesn't have the time to spend with every guy that approaches her.

Man, on the hand, his decision is based mainly on looks. So the time he spends deciding, is much shorter.

By being the one to approach, you, as the man, actually have a better chance of success than to wait to be approached.

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