Your Environment

Sometimes, you can make the big mistake and have a terrible attitude and still be successful with women so as long as your are in the right environment that supports you.

If you are in an environment where people give you respect and see you as a leader, you have already caught other people's attention and you appear know longer as a stranger, but a reputable human being. 

So it is important to make sure the environment you are in supports you. It is important to establish such an environment.

If females see you first time at a club or bar or social event, you  re essentially a stranger. If they see two or three more times, they actually feel safer to talk to you just because you have coincidentally attended similar events that she has. This comfort allows her to be more receptive to actions and any conversations you initiate.

To establish a reputable environment, be nice to everyone and friendly to everyone. Be socialable to everyone. Don't just focus on your target and that's it. Having your target witness you socialize with other people makes you safe and friendly to talk to.

Don't just talk to only females, talk to men as well. Although you are not there to pick men up, you are there to socialize and enjoy the social atmosphere.

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