AFC tactics

These are common, unconscious strategies desperate men try that never works:

1. Romance her

They buy her gifts, open doors, do her chores only to have her sleep with someone else. Women are not interested in nice men. If she sleeps with men that serve her, she will feel she is at his level which is his status. Women want to be with man who is not there to serve. Some chumps go so far that it actually scares away. In other words, these romantic tactics creeps her out!

2. Commonality 

So if a target says she likes something, the Average Frustrated Chump will jump right on it to say "I like that, too." As if by liking the same thing, that you have something in common and you now have connection and are meant to be. Although commonality is an ingredient to a connection, making a verbal claim and praying she has connection with you is a desperate attempt that does not make you look any better. This tactic makes the chump look desperate!

3. Friendship first

Many chumps try the friendship first approach by listening to her boyfriend stories and how badly he mistreats her. The chump hopes that, by not treating her the same way, she would see the obvious and suddenly dump the boyfriend for the chump. The is truth is, this strategy never works! If she is a complaining about a guy, then the guy still has potential. If she no longer complains, then she has accepted the guy no longer had potential. Simply put,

Boyfriends piss her off. Male friends disappoint her. If you want to be her boyfriend, you are better off pissing her off than disappointing her.

Why does women keep male friends than? If she does not have to sleep with you to get free therapy, then why ruin the friendship. She can always sleep with other guys and keep this friendship. Equivalently, her logic is why buy the cow when she is getting the milk for free. General rule, if you really want to be her friend, then you do not want to be her boyfriend.

Bottom line: In each one if these tactics, what the chump is doing, is supplicating.


On an unconscious level, supplicating means she is the prize and the chump is lucky just to spend time with her. Women feel better when they date men who are more worthy than her. By supplicating, it demonstrates the chump is not worthy.

Instead, you need to level the playing field and realize you and her are on the same level. Maybe even think, you are the prize and she is lucky to spend time with you. 

At any point she thinks she is the prize, you either need to neg her, give her less attention, distance yourself from her, spend time with other girls or just walk away. Your time and your lifestyle is very scarce. For her to disrupt your valuable time, she better have something to offer than just a nice face.

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