Are PUA psychopaths?

When I first starting reading some of these articles, I felt guilty. I felt like I am lying or pretending to be somebody I am not.

In reality, the purpose behind these articles is not to make you be somebody else. In fact, it is the opposite. The whole purpose of these articles is to expand who you really are and unleash your inner self. The key to your success is not being better looking, richer or younger. The key to your success is form within. You already have all the tools and assets to be successful. These articles and my coaching is designed to show you that you do NOT need to be anybody other than yourself to be successful and accepted in this world.

You may have misconceptions that needs to be understood. You may have skills that need to be develop. You may have missed minor cues that needs to be brought to light. That is all these articles and my coaching will do.

If you believe PUA means being tricking other people into believing in things that are not true, then you already have the wrong attitude to succeeding. Try being someone else for a couple of days. It is difficult and painful. Unless if you are a true psychopath, you will also feel guilty.

Lesson for the day - Don't try to be a psychopath, if you are not. You will fail miserably and end up using all your energy for the wrong reasons. 

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