Are wingman useful?

A wingman is like a partner who can assist with moral support, motivate you and may be give you advice that you were not aware of.

Initially, I thought a wingman would add value to my game. In the end, it actually slowed me down. To have a wingman, we need to come to agreement to meet at time and place. We also may have to wait for each other be in the right mood and approach in front of the other. We may even need to be working at the same pace. So one may need to slow down for the other.

How here is something interesting about having a wing women. Females feel more comfortable with you, if you are already surrounded by females. Further, some females competitive nature ignites. If they see that your wing women is more attractive, they may think to themselves, what is it that this guy has that could attract these females and they end up being more open, feeling more comfortable, curious and pay more attention to you. Their competitive nature may even cause them to even throw themselves at you because they feel more attractive and special, if they can take you away from her!

Once again though, I still think it is best to just go at it alone. You cannot always rely on others to help you. Going at it alone is faster and you can go at your own pace! If you need help, critiquing you approach and interaction, just send me an email or video of you interaction and I will let you know where you went wrong and what you did right.

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