How to live and discover your Authentic Self

Keys that is preventing you from living your authentic self.

Behavioral Rigidity
One of the reasons why we do not live our authentic self is because we suppress our desires. We suppress our desires because it could be criminal, wrong, embarrassing, simply unaccepted in the community or not within our self-image. Perhaps you also have an ego which is equivalent to a strong desire to be accepted and you only care to show off or perhaps you are angry which is equivalent to having a desire to behave violently or to yell. The best state of mind to be in, is get playful. Playful means there is no purpose, but just the enjoyment of now.

Goal: Behavioral Flexibility

There are things we need as human being, food, clothing and if our hormones calls for it, sex. If we act out of neediness, our creativity gets blocked and our behaviour becomes low valued. Best to get all this neediness solved before you can behave your authentic self. 

Goal: Free Will

Lack of Resources
More choices means more ways you can behave. To be your authentic self, you need to have choices in your life and you have the option to choose. If you have only one choice, then you are a robot. Robots are predictable and not creative at all. Simple put, people with money have more choice than those who are poor. People with success and power have more choices than those who do not.

Goal: Abundance

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