Chump: Approval Seeking

Approval seekers say things and do things hoping to get an acceptance. Once the chump gets acceptance, the approval seeker says it again because he enjoys the approval.

Approval seekers may also agree with ideas and do thing that is not within his core beliefs just to get acceptance. Approval seekers will also talk about topics where he has little interest and knowledge just to show interest. The words coming out of the seeker's mouth are of accidental discovery.

The chump has pretty much given his power away and has lost sight in the pleasure of contributing in a conversation. Although disagreeing could be a worse solution, constantly being the follower of others will only attract close minded narcissist and at best, label you as an likeable chump, but nevertheless, still a chump.

There are times when people do need your support, agreement and understanding during emotional circumstances, but they are actually seeking your approval.

When it comes to seduction,

Females do not want to be the approver.

In the seduction process, the male is the contributor or the leader, but never the seeker or follower of the female. Don't look for her approval. Looking for approval is an indicator of low value. It is okay to disagree. It okay to be wrong. Contribute your own insight and ideas. You will attract those who are interested. Eventually, she may even look for you for approval.

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