Divorce is in the best interest of women

Before getting married, realize there is only one way out. It is divorce.

Here are some facts for you to consider:

1. Men are more likely to break up in a long term relationship. In a long term relationship, men tend to get bored and want to find somebody else. Women tend to feel vested and want to make the relationship work.

2. Women are more likely to initiate a divorce. Once married, women don't want to change, but expect the man to change. If the man ask the women to change, she will refuse. Since the divorce means women will get up to 80% of all of the assets plus all future assets such as pension, RRSP and alimony. That is, the man can pretty much be broke for the rest of his life.

3. Women has the divorced planned often 2 years in advance. Once a women decides she wants a divorce, she needs to make sure she will be safe. So she plans things two years in advance. She will make sure she enough money, a place to stay and make sure she is recording all the evidence so that the law is on her side. Then, to initiate a divorce, she may cheat, complain or just become really difficult to deal with to the point where the man has no choice, but to accept divorce as the lesser of two evils.

4. If the man is the breadwinner, women is less likely to cheat and divorce as she feels safe and secure. If women is the breadwinner, man is still just as likely to cheat because he does not need to feel safe and secure.

5. The divorce rate is higher for young couple in the twenties. People change. The younger they, the higher the chances people will change. Don't get married until you are over thirty.

6. The divorce rate is higher for people who have a larger age gap. People who are one to two apart are less likely to divorce because they change together. People larger age gaps have different interest and life experiences and can change and divert from each other. Old men like to marry young women. Young women like to divorce old men and take all their money.

7. Women often coerced men into marriage. Women want to get married. Marriage seems to be status symbol or goal for women. That they are wanted. Men, now, realize it can be detrimental to their financial status. Because of this, men become fearful and women become sneaky. However due to guilt, men often give in and get married.

8. When a wife passes away, the husband is very likely to follow. When the husband passes away, the wife often is able to live a happy independent life. This could explain why there are more older females than males.

9. Single females in their twenties want lavish weddings. Single females in their thirties just want to be married. Single females in their forties has given up on marriage. With men, age is not a factor as to when they want to get married.

10. Marriage is a terrible financial investment. Financially speaking, assets and debt are now shared between two people. So the government has a less need to protect and provide for each person. That is why the government encourages marriage and discourages divorce. The cost and process to get married is simple and short. The cost and process to get a divorce is painful, tedious and long.

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