Don't kiss and tell

To a woman, sleeping with a man is a very private and intimate experience. Her public image is heavily based on who and how many she sleeps with. If many men reveal such private intimacies to the public as a way to brag, her image is ruined. She could potentially be seen as a slut and she could be laughed at.

Further, men have this tendency to exaggerate such experiences. Like a man would say she was all over him when she only danced with him. This exaggeration make the man feel good, but the women look like a slut even though she did not even do much.

Respect the woman and her privacy. A man is seen as much more when he does.

If another man were to ask you what happened, simply respond with a simple not much or she was nice. Let the women do the boasting on your behalf and you will look much better and attract even more females.

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