Don't Stare

Whenever men see an attractive female, they tend to stare. Whenever men see women dancing scantily, they tend to stare. Whenever men see another women sexually rubbing up against another man, they tend to stare wondering why they can't be that man.

Staring is low value. It is low value because it is an indicator you have a desperate want and you cannot get it. Staring is watching other people have fun and hoping you can some day, too. Staring is an act of desperation and fear of taking action.

Staring creeps women out because they know you are looking at her, stalking her and desperately likes her even though you do not even know her.

Once she sees you staring at her, she will reject you.

If you are in talking distance and you do not talk, you will be deemed a stranger for life. If you are in talking distance and you stare, you will be deemed a desperate, fearful stalker for life.

Other people are also aware when you stare. It will also cause them to reject you as well because they have labelled you as being desperate.

Instead, take action and approach. The fun begins for you only when you are participating, not when you are watching others have fun. It is ok to look for less than 3 seconds and maybe even smile. Any longer constitutes staring. 

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