General Idea

By Jack Bauer

1. See how TRON is LIVIN!!!! [This is an anchor designed to put me into a pumped, hilarious, manic state. Use something that works for you; something that makes you laugh every time and fills you with that crazy energy. For me, all I have to do is say these words, and I'm in that "zone". For those of you who don't know this one, see the Real World episode of Chappelle's Show, season One. ]

2. Absolute faith and joy; life kicks ass. [You must be as sure of achieving your goals as you are that your house will still be there when you get home. This takes work; definite, daily work. Know what you want, spend time every day visualizing it, and doing whatever you need to do on a daily basis so that you RESPECT yourself and walk around in a state of total FAITH and CONFIDENCE. All those shit-tests that women throw at you, THIS is what they're testing for; your own certainty and confidence that you make things happen in the world.] 

3. YOU are the chooser. YOU are the prize. Every woman is aching for an Alpha like you to come into her life. Know it. The Alpha gets to fuck whoever he wants. 

4. Everyone gets a chance. Everyone gets a sexual fantasy. Everyone gets included. Make people feel amazing; discover what is wonderful about them, whether you're into them or not. You can always be pleasantly surprised. [A HUGE part of my Inner Game is to gaze into a woman's left eye and sexually fantasize about her, and I do this with every woman I meet, even if she looks like Ichabod Crane. Everyone gets a fantasy...everyone gets a chance to show their stuff, to show what makes them special. I think this is very close to what Ijjjji talks about in his posts on Appreciation. See guys, all the stuff about negs and breaking women down is designed to equalize the value; it assumes that HER value is higher than yours, and then knocks her down a few pegs so that the two of you are on equal footing. If this works for you, then great. But I have SO COMPLETELY internalized the idea that I am the Prize and I am the Leader that to start negging people right off the bat is just RUDE. I work with a LOT of movie stars in my career and I can tell you that they go around making EVERYONE feel amazing, and they can do so because their value is off-the-charts high. THAT is why they�re stars.] 

5. Think sex. She just wants to be bent over. Keep it sexual. The "Super Good Girl" only exists in fairy tales; every woman wants sex more than you do. They need it, and an Alpha male should think that's a BEAUTIFUL thing. Female sexuality is amazing, so encourage women to express it, explore it...see how deep the rabbit hole goes. [Whoever you're talking to, whoever your girlfriend is, she's nastier and hornier than you, and thinks about sex WAAAYYY more often. Trust me. You don't see men spending thousands of dollars on make-up and breast implants.] 

6. Know you are always the Leader. Empower people, bring them together, and include everyone. [This is really important. You can't just game your target; you must game the whole group. You must include her friends. You must LOVINGLY, CHARMINGLY take leadership over everyone.] Facilitate everyone's good time by having impeccable manners. Look out for people. [Know everyone's name and what they're about. Find out what you have in common. Be a gentleman; giving a girl your coat because you're trying to fuck her is lame. Doing it because you're the Alpha male and you look out for your tribe is fucking SEXY. Understand the difference.] Have a plan that creates fun, amazing opportunities. [You must have a plan. You must have a fun, cool outcome in mind and gently guide everyone into it. In every group, someone is the Leader; you're either leading or you're being lead. Don't be uptight about this! It's enough to have a plan and know you're the leader; if you're strong in that reality, everyone else will get sucked in.] Keep your Rank. [This is KEY. It's very, very rare that someone overtly challenges my leadership of the group, but when they do, you must keep your Rank. Do not do ANYTHING that will lower it. Challenges to your leadership should be FUNNY to you, like when a 4-year-old girl tells her Daddy what to do. Daddy doesn't get mad, he just laughs and hugs her cause it's so cute, and then does what he wants. This is how you handle it.] If anyone fucks with one of your people, CRUSH THEM. [This is more about an attitude than anything else. I'm an expert martial artist even though I never get in fights, and I believe that if you have enough game to get girls then you should be verbally skilled enough to defuse just about any situation. HOWEVER, if someone fucks with one of your people, you must be mentally prepared to KNOCK THEM OFF THE FUCKING PLANET. The entire purpose of the Alpha male, the reason for his existence, is to lead the group and guard their safety, so if you don't have the balls to bear your fangs and put someone's head through the wall, you have no business claiming leadership over the group. You're a paper tiger. You're Jimmy fucking Carter. Instead, be Julius Caesar ready to burn cities to the ground to protect your people.] 

7. Put a price to your leadership by always putting people to do things for you. [Don't forget this. Compliance, compliance, compliance. Expect people to pull their weight, the way a General would.] 

8. Treat women like gold from a dominant frame. They already belong to you. Make them feel great. Never treat a woman like a man; it's a huge insult. [It feels really shitty when a woman you're attracted to looks at you like her dickless girlfriend, so don't do that to women! I don't care if she's been your best friend since you were six; she is a woman, and you are a man, and anything can happen. You must relate to her as a sexual being, even if you're not interested. You must validate her as a woman, even if you're not interested. You must fantasize about fucking her while you're talking to her, even if you're not interested. Maintain the sexual context.] Always keep it sexual, and MAKE A MOVE. You must go for it, that means making it really obvious you want her, once she qualifies. Isolate, escalate, penetrate...again and again. 

9. Zero in on a target and isolate as quickly as possible. [Once you've got the whole group, you pick someone and isolate, fast.] Then Rapport. Slow. Way. Down. Sexual fantasy. Eye contact. She is your whole world. [As killswitch would say, make her your entire AR.] Focus on PROCESS; make her rich describe the states you want her to be in. This is how resistance is overcome. "What's it like when..." [Quick example; I'm talking to a girl who's like a fucking brick wall. She just won't open up to me. I only get a few perfunctory details about how she's in an acting class. I ask: "What kind of exercises do you do in there?" She then mentions some bullshit exercise they do designed to free you up and release your impulses on stage. Bingo. I ask: "Really? That sounds what does it feel like when you're doing that?" As she describes the state of performing that exercise, she experiences the same feeling of being "free" and "open" that the exercise creates...and then she GOES INTO that state. BAM! She opens up after that. This is much more effective than saying some bullshit like, "'re not that open of a person, are you?" Why do that when you can have her describe something that creates the state that you want? Then you deepen it by Rich Describing (credit: Franco) the whole thing back to her in stronger terms: "Wow...that must feel so amazing, to be up on that stage, filled with all that excitement and nervous energy just tingling up your spine...etc."] 

10. Elicit Values; get that life story, and know what it means. Know the kind of woman you're dealing with, and whether you want her for FB, LTR, mLTR, etc. You don't go to Kinko's to buy a fucking piano, and you don't go to a strip club to find your future wife. [You must find out what's important to her in a relationship, and then validate those things as a reward for opening up to you. DAFS if you don't get this. You must find out her relationship with her mother, her father, and a little about her relationship history. This will give you the ROAD MAP to seducing her, and is ABSOLUTELY necessary for screening. Watch out for EFA's at this point (again, DAFS for Franco's legendary post on EFA's for more on this.)] 

11. SOI!!! When she does something sexy, you look right into her eyes and tell her so. [Just like that; "Oh my God...when you crinkle your nose like that, it's so fucking sexy! Oh, there it is again!"] 

12. ESCALATE: Establish physical comfort by touching right away and then always pushing the envelope. It is your job as a man. The coolest way to escalate is to do it while talking about something totally mundane, i.e. "Who do you think you're going to vote for?" (hand up the skirt). 

13. REWARDS AND PUNISHMENTS: REWARD her for opening up to you; give her validation and relate to what she's saying. Show more interest when someone gives you what you want, and PUNISH by putting your interest elsewhere when she doesn't. [Read that sentence again, guys. When she's giving you what you want, she gets MORE interest, more interaction. When she's not, your interest goes someplace else...this is the logic behind everything from backturns to not calling for two weeks. AFC's CLING TIGHTER when they don't get what they want. Alphas move on to someone else; you're the Leader...people are either contributing, or they're out in the fucking cold.] 

14. Don't care what she's thinking or about the content of what she's saying. Her state is what matters to you. Use pre-suppositions. [Totally ignore the logical content of everything she's saying. Its meaningless bullshit. I believe that you need a lot of field experience to really understand how true this is.] 

15. Its her job as a woman to test your Frame. Every Test is an IOI; she wants to control you and she's horny cause she can't. [(credit: Kwag)] It's not just enough to blow it off, you have to blow it off and escalate. Laugh about it, ignore it, put her fucking hand on your cock, make her suck it, and then put her to do something for you. 

16. Control that 101...make her feel great, but never let her feel she has you completely. The moment she stops wondering just how much you like her, it's all over. The tension comes from believing she might lose you, so make her believe it. Every woman is a 6 (Franco). Never let her ask, "How much do I want him?" because she's always wondering "How much does he want me?" (Ijjjji). 

17. PPP: Playful Push/Pull. Bust them on the things they're totally confident of, and build them up on the things they're insecure about. [i.e., Give models a chance to show you that they're brilliant and outgoing, and then validate that...but then tell them their hair is too short, or a mess, or their perfume is too strong, or that you don't date models anymore because they're boring. This creates challenge because the things she's 100% confident about (i.e. her looks) aren't going to work on you, so she needs to use her brain (which she's insecure about). But it's MUCH more rewarding for her when you finally DO validate her mind precisely because she's way insecure about it.] Again, and again, and again. The whip and the rose...but playful! Just relax, and have fun with it. [The playful part is key. You're teasing, having fun, making her're not tearing her down, here. As Franco says, a good PUA has a whip in one hand and a rose in the other, and constantly switches back and forth between the two. It's a great image.] 

18. Be balls out real. Impudence. Rules are for other people. [Another quintessential quality of movie stars is that when they decide they want something, they will go balls to the wall to get it. They are a fucking FORCE OF NATURE. Develop this quality in yourself by SMASHING THROUGH your inhibitions.] 

19. Keep your Frame tight; don't do Boyfriend-type activities with an FB. It's just rude. [My idiot friend just cooked dinner for his FB's Mom, and now she's freaking out because he doesn't want a relationship. His totally incongruent behavior has fucked the whole thing.] 

20. Never give a fuck. Nothing is a big deal. Never care what she's thinking. What kind of man gets all bent out of shape over some work-trash ho? (credit: Player Supreme, obviously...who the fuck else would say that?) The Alpha male can fuck whoever he wants to. Just go grab someone new. 

21. Re-game her again and again; never stop giving great emotions, great push/pull, great fun, and GREAT fucking. Remember, the moment she knows she has you, without any problems or challenges, her interest starts to wane. [You have to sing for your supper, guys. You have to re-game her again and again. Regardless of what kind of "arrangement" you guys have, if you don't make her horny, you ain't getting any.]
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